Jake & Amir Visit Papa Perrone’s Truck


College Humor stars Jake & Amir visited Papa Perrone’s Truck the other day, and VendrTV was there to catch the action. Why Papa Perrone’s? Because apparently pizza is “college food”. Kind of a stretch if you ask me (since I’m pretty sure no college students come to Midtown for pizza) but you know what would be college food? A Rutgers Grease Truck sandwich (which coincidentally enough VendrTV visited a few weeks ago.) I’ve been begging for this since we started the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge. Will somebody please step up to the plate and make this mozzarella stick/chicken finger/french fry monstrosity happen? Papa Perrone? Nino’s? Are you listening?

Papa Perrone’s actual sandwich entry (before the update) does make it into the video (along with some great video of the big Papa himself), and you can see it after the jump…

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  • Amir seems like a total douchbag. I bet he thinks he’s hilarious.

  • Jake and Amir = Douche #1 and Douche #2.

  • jesus mama read my mind

  • Haaa! D and Mama keeping it real.

    Yup, at least Jake is kinda cute and keeps his mouth shut most of the time.

  • haha.

    Also, Zach, that diet ad below is ridiculous!! Lose 500 lbs by doing NOTHING.


  • at university of delaware one of the delis makes the sandwich you want oh so bad. if i recall they even added onion rings upon request and made it buffalo style on a hero. talk about midnight munchies. intense!!

  • they all seem high…especially Amir in the begining…why does he keep touching his face like that?

  • As my bro lives a mere 1/2 mile from t he grease trucks of RU, I plan to get my Fat Darryl fix this weekend (or I may go fat cat)….The only sad thing is these sandwiches don’t “preserve” well, so bringing them back to the City is a waste! Mind you, I still do bring them back and reheat them, but most times, it tastes like ass—kind of like weenie tots as depicted on Married With Children….

  • Mamacita, are you familiar with the College Humor Prank War? If you dislike Amir, you’ll love this:

    The most recent one made me laugh so hard I started crying

  • @Goats, you are 100% right about the Grease Truck sandwiches not traveling well. They are best enjoyed in the Scott Hall parking lot where the trucks are parked, eaten standing so their greasy fillings land on the ground and not your shirt.

    Damn, now you got me thinking of a Fat Elvis (gyro, mozz sticks, fries, lett, tomato, white and hot sauce) or Fat Bastard (gyro, chicken fingers, mozz. sticks, fries, lettuce, tomato, mayo ketchup).

  • Fat Veggie Indian (Fat Vagina in pre-PC days) Is my love. Falafel balls, moz sticks, fries, lettuce, tomato and red and white sauce.

  • Fat Bastard is on my list as well—-though I preferred it when it was called the Fat ass!!!!

  • Two words: chicken madness

  • That Jake is kind of cute – I think I used to babysit him!

    Oooooooooooooh GREASE TRUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Sweet sweet Fat _______ how I long for you!!!!!!!! We could share one Fat sandy for $4 and never go hungry.

  • If its gonna be this kinda party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!

  • Ummmmmm well I AM pretty sure one of the sandies has mashed potatoes and sausage in it, so…….

  • Perrone’s again? Food sucks beyond suckiness, unless you like too sweet tomato slop on crackers and dryer than Mother Teresa artichoke quiche. Dollars to donuts if it wasn’t in a truck it wouldn’t make it through 2 rent cycles.

    Oh and fuck the rice balls.

  • I LOVE JAKE & AMIR. I LOVE MIDTOWN LUNCH. THE TWO PUT TOGETHER?! has made having to miss This American Life LIVE! tonight a little bit worth it.

  • Just want to thank the bossman for his post keep them coming

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