Papa Perrone Will Put Any Hero You Want on Garlic Bread

You had to know this was coming: following the success of Papa Perrone’s entry in the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, now you can get any sandwich from the truck (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) on garlic bread.  We’re also hearing rumors that the special sandwich (meatballs and eggplant parm on garlic bread) has morphed into a baked ziti & eggplant parm on garlic bread ($7.50)  The hits just keep on coming…


  • Are they trying to steal Tuscany Catering’s glory ?

  • Anyone else seeing that In N Out ad on the right hand side?!?! What cruel torture!!

  • opps, the left hand side! I’m retarded.

  • @mamacita: yes, i am, but i’d rather eat an in-n-out burger than read a book about in-n-out burger!

  • As a Papa Perrone regular, I usually try to be JP’s Guinea Pig/Lemming on some of his newest creations for the midtown lunch special. so heres the verdict. It was good. Anybody who wants to be put into a food coma stupor I strongly recommend getting it. My only minor complaint was I found the Baked Ziti (BTW delicious on its own) was slightly overpowering the Eggplant. Regardless if you want a hardy (and might I add a vegetarian) sandwich definitely give it a whirl.

    On a side note JP and Zach were trading barbs about a sandwich that would be something like Fried Chicken fingers, Mozz sticks, French frieds, Tomato & Lettuce w/ marinara on a Garlic bread. Lets put some ML peer pressure and get this on the menu!

  • ^^ Kevin
    The mozz, chicken finger mix sounds great, but I would probably want to leave out the lettuce (it would wilt and just be slippery) and maybe add pickled jalapenos for some spice to cut the taste of all the grease.

  • Mamacita Laws:

    Wilted & Slippery = Bad

    Turgid & Slippery = Good

  • omg..basically you guys want a rutgers-style sandwich..mmm

  • @Nina – That’s exactly what I want! And I’ve been begging for one ever since I started this stupid sandwich challenge thing. As soon as I get it, I’m shutting the whole thing down- and calling it a complete success! :-)

  • this truck is in front of my office. we once ordered a square pie and it was absolutely horrible…crackers with ragu sauce and grated cheese.

    so, am i missing something not having these sandwiches? which is the best one to try?

  • @Nina and Zach
    Complement Zach on that sandwich creation as it IS patterned after the rutgers sandwich. Im just trying to drum up some interest to get JP to do it (and fulfill Zacks sandwich challenge dream) so lets keep requesting it until JP does it (no pressure JP)!

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    I justhad the eggplant parm on garlic bread, holly sh*t it was good. with a Stewart’s cream soda, wow amazing. Also have tried the Calzone with chicken instead of meatball though I think the ham would be good with it too. It was like heaven, the freshness of the ricotta, was superb. I was taken back to Italy for lunch time, and dinner..had the other half at dinner it was so rich.

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