The Hallo Berlin Brothers Are Not in Beijing

The Babiel Brothers are pranksters that cannot be trusted.  The Hallo Berlin Cart (on 54th & 5th) has returned from its July vacation, and contrary to what Lost City reported (and I confirmed) the brothers were not invited to the Olympics.  I asked Rolf, who was at their 9th Ave. location yesterday, why he wasn’t in Beijing?  His response: “I just joking with everybody!”  (It’s funnier when you hear him say it.)


  • ummm…. whatever.

  • Awesome, I never had food from this cart… so people, start making glorious suggestions…

  • I ate at the “Hallo Berlin Express” last week and it was really great. If you’re not sure what you want, they will try to push the combos on you. Be forewarned… the food is somewhat rich and very filling. Deceptively so. Try not to over-order unless you have a group to share with. You can always order more if you’re still hungry!!

  • Darn it all to hell. If I have any more chinese over here, I will turn into a dumpling. Hallo Berlin has failed me!

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