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Cabbies Like Gulluoglu: Curious where cab drivers go for their afternoon sugar rush?  According to the list of the Top 15 Cabbie Recommended dishes on Taxi Gourmet, they're big fans of the baklava at Gulluoglu (on 2nd and 52nd).  And so are we!

Win Free Soft Serve For a Month

Profiled Lunch’er, City Council liveblogger, and all around great gal “Miss Softee” emailed us today about a contest she’s holding to win free ice cream for a month.  “The inspiration just isn’t coming to me, so I need help naming my new ice cream mobile.  Submit entries via Twitter or in person at the truck (location can be found on Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker).  All submissions must be received by midnight tomorrow (07/01) one entry per person, no profanity, and winner will receive one free ice cream a day for the entire month of July (good at my truck only). Winner will be selected by myself and a group of other ice cream drivers on Friday, July 2.”  Good Luck! UPDATE: Don’t use twitter?  Miss Softee says she will accept any submissions in the comments of this post as well.

Midtown Shake Shack to Open Friday!?: Nothing like a little shameless rumormongering to lift the spirits... From Lunch'er Michael: "Ran into a Shake Shack worker today and they said that it should be opening on Friday.  They're just finishing up training.  Can. Not. Wait."  Update: Eater has photos of the training.

Yummy Yummy Falafel Bar is a Welcome Addition to the Area

When I heard that Yummy Yummy Kosher Veggie Bar, the new falafel place on Lex. btw 55+56th, featured a free salad bar, I knew I wanted to give them a try. Cramming that little container at Olympic Pita (38th btw. 5th and 6th) full of pickles and cabbage is one of Midtown’s greatest pleasures as far as I’m concerned. So I headed to Yummy Yummy to check out their contribution to Midtown’s crowded falafel scene.
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Beacon Starts Serving Burgers From “Side Door”

We’ve been longtime fans of the Burger Bar at Beacon (on 56th btw. 5+6th) and Mamacita recently enjoyed their bar deal… but it looks like they have finally introduced something that is truly a Midtown Lunch. This week, Beacon started a little lunchtime pop up called “The Side Door”, selling a limited menu- literally from their side door.  For $10 you can get their wood grilled burger with or without cheese plus chips and a soda or bottled water. (The same burger that Mamacita got during happy hour.)

But wait, there’s more…

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Your First Look at the New Macaron Cafe

Uptown Macaron Cafe

The uptown Macaron Cafe (on 59th btw Park+Mad) finally opened last week and began serving lunch on Monday. I’ve been a fan of Macaron Cafe for a while, especially for their delicious, authentic macarons, but also their lunch fare, so when I heard they were opening up on 59th Street, I was pretty psyched to check it out. For those of you who’ve been to the Fashion District Macaron Cafe (on 36th btw 6th+7th) the space is incredibly similar-small and narrow- but luckily for us, the menu is exactly the same price-wise, and they’re being generous with cookie samples.

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Get a Slice of Lazzara’s For Just $1.50

Thanks to Lunch’er “Spencer” for passing along this one… the Lazzara’s (on 9th Ave. btw. 43+44th) is now selling slices of cheese pizza for $1.50. Sadly, it’s only available at the just out of bounds location (not the 38th St. one) but $1.50 is a decent price for one of the better slices of pizza in Midtown. Don’t believe us? Time Out New York included them in their Cheap Eats issue, out today.

Lazzara’s Pizza to Get a Second Location; Original Still Hoppin’

ML Forums: Free Biscotti…is Why You’re Huge?

Schnitzel Lab Working on Chicken Fried Steak?

If you want something all you have to do is ask people! Earlier today Profiled Lunch’er “Patrick” had a request for the Schnitzel & Things Truck… and it looks like they were listening.  This has the potential to be way better than the Schnitzel Down.

What Would You Like to See Schnitzified?

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Was: Ever since Spoon City (on 33rd btw. Mad+5th) closed up shop, we've wondered what new treats were going to be served out of the tiny closet-sized space. Turns out, there will be no more food served there at all. It's going to be a currency exchange.