Midtown Shake Shack to Open Friday!?

Nothing like a little shameless rumormongering to lift the spirits… From Lunch’er Michael: “Ran into a Shake Shack worker today and they said that it should be opening on Friday.  They’re just finishing up training.  Can. Not. Wait.”  Update: Eater has photos of the training.


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    Shake shack burgers are good but so overhyped. What’s all the fuss?

  • i agree; way over rated mainly b/c not worth the wait.

    but i’m curious, where is the new shack going to be??

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    44th and 8th ave., I believe.

  • Grab your Twilight tickets and get on line tonight, lol

  • i thought they may be opening soon because i saw chairs and tables inside the new location when i passed today. perhaps they’re very close…

  • I never understood the term overhyped. When something is good and people are willing to wait for something, does that good thing suddenly become less good? And what is worth it to some one else might not be worth it for you. Personally, standing in line on a warm day drinking a beer talking to friends and waiting for a burger doesn’t sound like such a bad time…

    • It just serves as a warning or caution to people who fall into the mentality “OMG all these people like it it must be good!” only to get suckered in and let down. I feel that way about Five Guys and the Burger Joint.

      (I’m not saying they suck, just overhyped) :)

      That said, I’ve lost to the hype for shake shack. I’ll probably be there on friday to see what the hype is about :)

  • Of course, maybe this is yet another case of the “I liked them before they became popular” mentality.

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      Umm, no. I don’t care when they became popular. It’s a burger. There are a buhjillion places in NY that make burgers that are just as good and you don’t have to wait as long. That is what I mean by overhyped. “Standing in line on a warm day drinking a beer talking to friends” does sound good. But you can drink a beer and eat a burger and talk to friends and not wait in line and its just as nice.

  • What European country/stadium were you in where you stood in line drinking a beer whilst waiting for a burger?

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