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Newest Macaron Café My Favorite Place for Catching Up with Folks

Since I left my job in Queens for Midtown, I see my former coworkers more often than I had imagined. Turns out, happily, that quite a few of of my old buddies are now either working or consulting in Midtown, just like myself… So when we decide to get together and catch up, I end up as the decider of a lunch venue quite often. When I’m called upon for this purpose, my pick is the newest Macaron Café (3rd Ave. btw. 46th and 47th).

If you’ve ever been in the predicament of choosing a place to eat for someone whose food inclinations you’re not terribly knowledgeable about (e.g. I remember she ate a chicken salad sandwich at work once)… this can be somewhat of a challenge. It’s probably not a good idea to opt for a food cart since you can’t easily sit down to chat… and it’s also risky to bring someone along to a joint like the often DOH-shuttered Ming Du. On the flip-side, it might be cheeky to suggest an overly-expensive place, or to throw an unsuspecting comrade into the hell of a frantic, loud, Midtown gourmet deli with major foot traffic like Zeytinz.

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Free Macaron Alert: Macaron Cafe Flagship Celebrating Grand Opening Today

Macaron Cafe, a place we’ve been enjoying since 2008, will celebrate the Grand Opening of its third and “flagship” location today on 3rd Ave btw. 46th + 47th. And the best part is… each customer will receive one free macaron. According to their menu, they’ll also have an $8.75 roast beef sandwich special and a $9.75 vermicelli pasta salad along with their regular lunch sandwiches and salads, which sound amazing and they’re all under $10. In addition, this Macaron Cafe will offer an expanded evening menu from 5-8 Monday-Friday that will include French wine, champagne, and petits plats (aka French tapas). Perhaps a new happy hour spot?

Freeloaders, what are you waiting for!?  You have until 8pm tonight (or until supplies run out, we’re guessing.)

Macaron Cafe, 750 Third Avenue

Macaron Cafe Comes to 3rd Ave


Midtown East fans of delicious and authentic macarons rejoice! Lunch’er Epcol spotted a new Macaron Cafe (the French theme cafe that serves better macarons than Bouchon Bakery according to Zach!) popping up on 3rd btw 46th+47th St. Along with their macarons, they will also be serving their surprisingly delicious sandwiches like the Siciliano (bressaola, capers, mozzarella, and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil). Though what I’m really looking forward is their daily lunch sandwich specials, especially their Tuesday sandwich special, the Croque Monsieur.  Thanks to Luncher “Epcol” for the tip.

BOGO Macarons From Macaron Cafe… at the Hyatt?

I don’t know why it took us so long to check out this deal!  Remember The Market in the Grand Hyatt (on 42nd btw. Park+Lex)?  Well, every Wednesday they have a buy one get one free deal on boxes of macarons from 8am to 5pm.  Blondie finally made it over there today and re-discovered they’re from the Macaron Cafe… a box of 2 is $4.95 (fairly standard for macarons) and comes in four different flavor combinations (she tried the pumpkin & chestnut and the raspberry & dark chocolate).  Four macarons for $1.25 each?  That’s a deal we can get behind. You have until 5pm, or else you’ll have to wait until next Wednesday.

In Search of a Great French Onion Soup

...Still No Gruyere?...
Photo courtesy of HungryK9

I’ve been very curious about the French onion soup that recently returned to the menu at Macaron Cafe. I’ve been a huge fan of onion soup since I first had it on my honeymoon in Paris a couple years back. When done right, it’s an amazing bowl of oniony beef broth with chunks of bread inside and topped with a thick layer of gooey, chewy gruyere on top and a bit more tossed in the middle for good measure.

Luncher HungryK9 recently gave it a try and posted about it on her blog. She was sorely disappointed. Apparently, she searched and searched but barely found any cheese to speak of. Now, that’s just not right. Has anyone else tried the soup with more success? Or know of a great French Onion Soup in Midtown?  Let us know in the comments.

Hot Specials Are Back at Macaron Cafe

As winter approaches Schnitzel & Things isn’t the only one stepping up their savory hotness.  Hot daily specials have returned to Macaron Cafe (now with two locations in Midtown.)  There’s a different one every day, and each are 9.75.

Monday: Quiche Lorraine – Bacon & Gruyere, spanish onion served with mixed salad.
Tuesday: Croque-Monsieur – Ham & Gruyere, bechamel sauce on French Pullman bread served w a mixed salad.
Wednesday: Lasagne – Homemade vegetables lasagne served with mixed salad.
Thursday: Endive & Ham “de Paris”, bechamel sauce, gruyere cheese gratine.
Friday: Quiche au Saumon – smoked salmon & leek, gruyere cheese, scallion served with a mixed salad

Macaron Cafe

  • 625 Madison Ave. (Enter on 59th btw. Park+Mad)
  • 485 7th Ave. (Enter on 36th btw. B’way+7th)

Your First Look at the New Macaron Cafe

Uptown Macaron Cafe

The uptown Macaron Cafe (on 59th btw Park+Mad) finally opened last week and began serving lunch on Monday. I’ve been a fan of Macaron Cafe for a while, especially for their delicious, authentic macarons, but also their lunch fare, so when I heard they were opening up on 59th Street, I was pretty psyched to check it out. For those of you who’ve been to the Fashion District Macaron Cafe (on 36th btw 6th+7th) the space is incredibly similar-small and narrow- but luckily for us, the menu is exactly the same price-wise, and they’re being generous with cookie samples.

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New Macaron Cafe Open, Lunch Service Begins Monday

From Lunch’er “hightemp”: “I’ve been stalking the Macaron Cafe on 59th St [btw. Mad+Park] and am happy to report for us Midtown Northeasters that it is now officially open. The shop is much, much more elegant than the 36th st location. Definitely has a Paris boutique feel to go along with the new branding. They are only doing coffee, tea and Macs right now but the full lunch menu will be available starting on Monday. (And so far they are quoting the same prices as 36th st….we’ll see about that part though.)” Nice.

Macaron Cafe Brings a Bit of Paris to Midtown
Macaron Cafe To Open Second Location

Macaron Cafe To Open Second Location

MacarOn Cafe E 59th btw Madison and Lexington, NYC

I was pumped to hear that Market, the new takeout place in the Grand Hyatt (on 42nd btw. Park+Lex), will be carrying out-of-bounds sweet stuff, like Macaron Cafe, near Grand Central. But then Lunch’er “hightemp” told us about a new Macaron Cafe that’s moving in on E 59th btw. Madison+Park! A staff member at the original location (on W 36th St btw 7th+Bway) said they hope to open the new location at the beginning of July. With all these recent dessert finds, I may never have to leave Midtown East.

Macaron Cafe Brings a Bit of Paris to Midtown

Macaron Cafe on Martha: The Calexico Cart, and Daisy May's BBQ aren't the only one to get some Martha Stewart love this month.  Apparently the macarons from Macaron Cafe (on 36th btw. B'way+7th) will be featured on Martha's NBC show on Wednesday (5/20) at 11 a.m.