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Peanut Butter Cookie from Grand Hyatt

Cookie Counter
When I went to go check out the Macaron Cafe BOGO deal at The Market in the Grand Hyatt (42nd btw Park+Lex,) I was still smarting from my Baked by Melissa experience. Surely the price of the cupcakes are in some way justifiable based on location, and I would most likely find a comparable situation at the Market (seeing as how close to each other the two are.) Not so. What I found was a cookie table! Nom nom nom cookies in jars filling a table. I short-circuited for a half second, before realizing that these cookies were just $2 each.

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BOGO Macarons From Macaron Cafe… at the Hyatt?

I don’t know why it took us so long to check out this deal!  Remember The Market in the Grand Hyatt (on 42nd btw. Park+Lex)?  Well, every Wednesday they have a buy one get one free deal on boxes of macarons from 8am to 5pm.  Blondie finally made it over there today and re-discovered they’re from the Macaron Cafe… a box of 2 is $4.95 (fairly standard for macarons) and comes in four different flavor combinations (she tried the pumpkin & chestnut and the raspberry & dark chocolate).  Four macarons for $1.25 each?  That’s a deal we can get behind. You have until 5pm, or else you’ll have to wait until next Wednesday.

Market in the Grand Hyatt is Finally Open

It may be a week late, but Market in the Grand Hyatt is finally open. I stopped by yesterday, and while it feels a bit like a high-end airport convenience spot, it did come through on the promise of a few quality goods: Manhattan Special soda, Ronnybrook Chocolate Milk, and fresh pastries from Tisserie, Macaron Cafe, and CHIKALICIOUS (seriously, seriously fantastic cupcakes). All of the savory food is under $10, but I passed in favor of a delicious house-made peanut butter cookie sandwich for $2 (a little pricey, but not unheard of.)

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Market Still Closed; Tri Tip Grill Opening on Monday

So, despite all the PR hype, Blondie sends word that Market (in the Hyatt Grand Central) still hasn’t opened yet.  So we’re still not sure if this is going to be worthwhile for Midtown Lunch’ing purposes.  Tri Trip Grill, on the other hand, is right up our alley and after months of waiting is planning to open on Monday in the Rock Center Concourse.  If PR photos are your thing, Feast and Thrillist both have an inside look. And you can check out the full menu here.

Buckhorn Grill to Bring California Tri Tip to 30 Rock

Will the Hyatt’s New Market Be ML Friendly?: It's surprising how many blogs seem super excited about Market, the new takeout place in the Grand Hyatt (on 42nd btw. Park+Lex). We're a little skeptical, but love the idea of getting Chikalicious and Macaron Cafe stuff near Grand Central. All the signs around the gated eatery say it's opening today, so early adopters let us know how it is in the comments.