Peanut Butter Cookie from Grand Hyatt

Cookie Counter
When I went to go check out the Macaron Cafe BOGO deal at The Market in the Grand Hyatt (42nd btw Park+Lex,) I was still smarting from my Baked by Melissa experience. Surely the price of the cupcakes are in some way justifiable based on location, and I would most likely find a comparable situation at the Market (seeing as how close to each other the two are.) Not so. What I found was a cookie table! Nom nom nom cookies in jars filling a table. I short-circuited for a half second, before realizing that these cookies were just $2 each.

Peanut Butter Cookie

I went for the peanut butter. $2 for a cookie sandwich much bigger than my palm. And even though it hurts me a little to admit it, the cookie was pretty good: nice peanut butter flavor throughout even in the buttery frosting in the middle, a nice dense cookie that wasn’t dry and crumbly, and big enough that I can split it into two servings. Now that’s a good dessert snack!

The Market in the Grand Hyatt, 109 E. 42nd St. (btw. Park+Lex), 212-883-1234


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