Tri Tip Grill Menu Revealed; Opening in April


Tri Tip Grill, the California based fast food chain that is taking over the old Tossed & Mendy’s spaces in the Rock Center Concourse has finally set an opening date. Construction was delayed a bit, but they’re hoping to open their doors on April 5th with an official Grand Opening on April 17th.  We also snagged a copy of the menu, which (as promised) is entirely under $10. It features a whole mess of tri tip sandwiches with various toppings, plus chicken, salmon, and a portobello option (you know… for people who don’t eat steak but feel compelled to eat at a steak place!?)  There’s also burgers, entrees, salads, side dishes and soups.

Check out the complete menu, after the jump…

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Buckhorn Grill to Bring California Tri Tip to 30 Rock


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    it’s nice to see they accommodated us herbivores, too – the Cabo Chop sounds awesome. (:

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    Take it from someone who knows, this is the epitome of what lunch should be. I am super critical about food and restaurants in general, and refuse to overpay. I’ve been to the ones in California and now living in NYC can’t wait for the doors to open on this baby. We’re talking absolutely mouth-watering, juicy, perfectly seasoned sirloin tri tip that will have you thinking you’re in Wolfgang’s or Peter Luger. You will be craving these sandwiches, trust me. By the way, if you haven’t had this cut of beef then you’ve been in the dark about this well kept secret – it’s time to see the light. It’s amazing on both the sandwiches and salads. And I like that this place has something for everyone (such as burgers, fish, and chicken, and yes even herbivores), but especially anyone who loves a gourmet cut of beef at very reasonable prices. And don’t get me started on the soups… they could probably run a restaurant on those alone.

    The thing that separates this place from the rest, other than that gorgeous tri tip which I don’t think is served a lot of places other than high end steak houses, is that the owners really care about every aspect of your experience. I know of too many places that draw you in because of flash and glitz but don’t deliver on the rest of the experience (i.e. food and service)

    I don’t have a ton of time during lunch, and I don’t have 25 bucks to drop either. But I want a nice place with nice people, great food, done in time and not over-priced. A lot of places claim to give you that gourmet experience at little cost to your time and money… this place actually delivers.

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    FoodTruth, that was just a little too gushing. You gave yourself away as a shill.

  • Yeah, ignore the blatant shill above. Interested in hearing a *real* review of the place, though.

  • Shill or not, the Wolfgang’s/Peter Luger ref gets me a little excited.
    Wow, Rock Center’s carnivore food is getting a big upgrade!! (first this, then Bill’s coming soon)

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    I am not a shill…just a 61 year old grandmother from Pennsylvania who had the very good fortune to stumble across the Tri Tip Grill last evening. I travel to NYC two of three times a year with French exchange students. My daughter-in-law and I were at Rockefeller Center last evening while our latest group of exchange students had free time.

    The day before we spent nearly $40 for a couple of sandwiches, a salad, two drinks and a piece of cheesecake at a small deli. And it wasnt all that great.

    Our dinner last night at the Tri Tip Grill was outstanding! The service was excellent. The steak was to die for. The salad and dressing delicious. Loved the bread…loved everything. We spent under $30 for our dinner and sodas. We left feeling satisfied with everything.

    Just wish they would open in Lancaster PA and soon.

    Lucky New Yorkers to be able to go there when ever you want!!

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