Buckhorn Grill to Bring California Tri Tip to 30 Rock

The Rock Center Concourse has been a hive of activity over the past year, with Tossed, Sbarro’s and Booster Juice closing, Two Boots moving to 9th Ave., and Mendy’s moving to street level. Not much new and exciting has popped up as replacements… until now. The Sacramento Business Journal is reporting that Buckhorn Grill, a “fast-service” restaurant with locations in Northern California will be opening their first franchise in New York City. According to the article, everything on the menu is under $10 and includes items like salads, burgers, and chicken sandwiches. But their signature item is “tri tip”, a triangular roast which gets marinated, grilled and sliced.  Not to be confused with steak tips… see what I’m talking about after the jump…

Photo courtesy of the blog Munchie Musings, who explains here the history of the Grill (it’s an offshoot of the Buckhorn Restaurant in Sacramento), and how the meat is prepared. Apparently they’re big on the onion strings as well (I’m liking this more and more…)

We’re hearing that the Rock Center location will be moving into the vacated Tossed and Mendy’s spaces, and they’re going to call it the Tri Tip Grill (apparently Buckhorn couldn’t be trademarked in NYC.)  Any Midtown Lunch’ers been to a Buckhorn Grill in S.F. or Sacramento? Should we be excited? Let us know in the comments…


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    I used to love this place back home in Cali. I frequented the location in Emeryville. The onion strings are my fave. They’re so crunchy with just the right amount of salt. They meat isn’t too bad either.

  • Now im in the mood for Roast Beef.

  • There’s Buckhorn in Metreon and in the food court of Westfield Mall, both in downtown San Francisco. The Tri Tip Beef plus blue cheese & fried onions sandwich is absolutely fabulous!!! Can’t wait to have em here!!!

  • I wonder if these restaurants are related in any way to the touristy but still wonderful BUCKHORN EXCHANGE in Denver?

  • Dude, yes! I go to San Francisco every year for a conference, and I always stop there for a sandwich. I hope this one actually happens.

  • This place is actually quite good, but I would be very surprised if this is remains a Midtown Lunch (under $10).

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    I’m from the small Norcal town where the main Buckhorn is based. Excited to see a franchise all the way across the country!

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