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Bits and Pieces: Chapati Roll Cart #2; Macaron; Piece of Chicken

Biriyani Cart on 46th & 6th, Midtown NYC

The guys who run the Biriyani/Chapati Roll cart on 46th & 6th have filled out the necessary paperwork for their second cart, and should be up and running the first or second week of July. The new cart (which is ready to go) will park at their current spot, and they will send this cart over to either Park Ave. & 46th or down to 43rd & 6th. They’re in the process of “negotiating” with the other vendors in the area now…


Macaron the awesome French bakery/sandwich/salad place on 36th btw. B’way+7th in the Garment District has new salads. Not exactly sure which salads are new, and which ones aren’t- but I’m sure if you are into that stuff, you won’t mind heading over there and seeing it for yourself. I was more interested in the Doughnut Plant doughnuts they are now serving… doughnut, macaron. Marcaron, donut. I’ll take both please.

The closed, but soon to re-open Indian buffet, and piece of chicken after the jump… Read more »

Tuesday is Croque Monsieur Day

Every Tuesday is Croque Monsieur day at the Macaron Cafe (36th btw. B’way+7th), the tiny French macaron bakery/sandwich shop in the Garment District.  A classic French version of a hot ham and cheese sandwich, I’ve been hoping for a good Midtown croque since that croque monsieur truck teased us with its presence for one day last January.  If Macaron Cafe’s version is as good as the other sandwiches they serve, I feel pretty confident recommending it for lunch today…

Macaron Cafe Brings a Bit of Paris to Midtown

The Garment District is quickly becoming my favorite little corner of Midtown Lunch’ing.  And while I admit that most of the places I love might be considered “weird” (or gross) to the average lunch crowd (strange chinese food, Spanish food in a freight elevator), the newly opened Macaron Cafe might change all of that.  A few weeks ago my friend Nosher from told me about the little French cafe on 36th btw. B’way+7th, and yesterday we headed over to check out their nice selection of sandwiches and amazing macarons (the little French cookies that look like mini colored hamburgers- not be confused with macaroons).

Some French porn, and a link to Nosher’s extensive review, after the jump… Read more »