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(Out of Bounds) Bits & Pieces: Piece of Chicken, 8 Cent Mac & Cheese

I know some of you work on the outskirts of Midtown Lunch boundaries, and others of you don’t understand why I have boundaries at all (sorry, every man must know his limits), so this one is for you people.


Piece of Chicken, the little take out place that opened in the kitchen of Jezebel (now 5 Napkin Burger) on 45th btw. 8+9th, has re-opened after being closed by the Department of Health for an expired permit.  This is good news for anybody who likes $1 pieces of fried chicken, collard greens, and black eyed peas, mixed with $2.50 scoops of mac and cheese.  They’ve also started serving plate lunches, further solidifying its reputation as one of the few places to get decent soul food in Midtown (even if it is out of bounds.)

8 cent mac and cheese, and more crappy BBQ, after the jump…  Read more »

Bits and Pieces: Chapati Roll Cart #2; Macaron; Piece of Chicken

Biriyani Cart on 46th & 6th, Midtown NYC

The guys who run the Biriyani/Chapati Roll cart on 46th & 6th have filled out the necessary paperwork for their second cart, and should be up and running the first or second week of July. The new cart (which is ready to go) will park at their current spot, and they will send this cart over to either Park Ave. & 46th or down to 43rd & 6th. They’re in the process of “negotiating” with the other vendors in the area now…


Macaron the awesome French bakery/sandwich/salad place on 36th btw. B’way+7th in the Garment District has new salads. Not exactly sure which salads are new, and which ones aren’t- but I’m sure if you are into that stuff, you won’t mind heading over there and seeing it for yourself. I was more interested in the Doughnut Plant doughnuts they are now serving… doughnut, macaron. Marcaron, donut. I’ll take both please.

The closed, but soon to re-open Indian buffet, and piece of chicken after the jump… Read more »

Bits & Pieces (The “How to Cover up the DOH Sticker” Edition)

I hadn’t seen this one before… the recently shuttered Hing Won on 48th btw. 5+6th pulled their gate down just far enough to “coincidentally” obscure the bright yellow DOH sticker (you can see the top sticking out a little bit).  This guy wasn’t fooled though!  You can’t see it in this photo, but the hordes of confused slack jawed yokels hovering around, asking “are they closed?” to no one in particular totally reminded me of the scene on the very same street almost 2 years ago when Variety Cafe was DOH’d.  That post spawned the creation of the “Closed by the DOH” category, and these clairvoyant words:

“EDITOR NOTE: We have created a new “Closed for Health Reasons” Category, which given our content, and location will probably have to be used more often then any of us would like. Hing Won, you’ve been warned.”

Still no word on exaclty why they were DOH’d, but it’s not hard to imagine.  They were in the process of “cleaning” up the place, and said if the re-inspection in the morning goes well, they’ll be back open tomorrow.

Also closed (but not by the Department of Health, and seemingly for good) is Le Croissant Shop on 6th Ave. btw. 38+39th.  Popular for their croissants (naturally) and Mexican food (huh?), they will certainly be missed on Cinco de Mayo (and Bastille Day?).

It’s not all bad news though… Read more »

Del Frisco’s Ends Bar Deal, R.I.P. Mr. Popeyes and more Bits & Pieces

  • Following the lead of many pizza parlors, all you can eat Indian Buffets, and food purveyors all around the country- Del Frisco’s has raised the price of the bar menu steak tips to $11.95. According to one lunch’er, they’ve also reduced the portion size. It was good while it lasted… although something tells me this had less to do with rising food prices, and more to do with crushing our souls. (Lord knows they don’t need the money.)
  • A week after being seized by the I.R.S. for non-payment of taxes, the Old Bridge Deli on 41st & Lex has re-opened. One lunch’er overheard “many of the customers joking with the sandwich makers over which one of them forgot to pay the tax bill”. Those crazy generic Midtown delis! You can close them down, but you can’t take away their sense of humor…
  • After what seems like an eternity, the Treats Truck is back this week. Today they’re at 45th & 6th, tomorrow 38th & 5th. For a complete schedule go to

No more Mr. Popeye’s- where we should go to commemorate his life, after the jump… Read more »

Bits & Pieces (Openings, Closings, Plywood & Unpaid Bills Edition)

  • Sakae Sushi (43rd btw. Lex+3rd), the conveyor belt sushi place from Singapore that was hoping to be open by the end of the year- looks nowhere close to being open (as you can tell from the photo taken above on Monday).  I’m still super excited…

  • Zen Burger (Lex btw. 44+45th) is saying they will open on January 3rd.


Sohpie’s Cuban News, another Hing Won/Hop Won spinoff, and 2nd Ave. Deli stuff, after the jump… Read more »

Bits & Pieces (Charity, More Burgers & Free Coffee Edition)

A Plate from Kashmir’s $7.99 All You Can Eat Buffet on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th
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  • The Menu for Hope Charity Auction has begun on Chez Pim.  Buy raffle tickets and win some amazing food prizes.  And all the money goes to a great cause…
  • The new Goodburger location on 45th St. btw. 5+6th Ave. expects to open tomorrow or Friday (and when it does, Midtown Lunch will be there- of course)
  • The new 2nd Ave. Deli, on 33rd btw. Lex+3rd will have it’s grand opening on December 17th.  The “salami” cutting ceremony will happen at 11am.  Read more here and here.
  • Get a free Illy espresso or capuccino from now until the end of the month in the Time Warner Center, where they are showcasing this crazy push button house designed by Architect Adam Kalkin.  Plus this week only, they’ll having coffee demos at 1, 3 and 5pm from a master barista from Trieste.  But clearly the most important thing is the free Illy coffee…

Bits & Pieces (The Katsu Sushi & Street Cart News Edition)

  • Go Go Curry (38th btw. 7+8th) is not only serving breakfast now (Katsu Sandwiches), but apparently they have Katsu Sushi as well!
  • The new Goodburger on 45th btw. 5+6th will not open this Monday.  They say the place will be ready closer to Wednesday at the earliest…
  • … and we’re still waiting for the new Pop Burger.  Could today be the day?

  • All three Kwik Meal cart locations have been accepting donations to aide the Cyclone victims in Bangladesh.  The collection boxes were not there yesterday, but I’m sure they will still accept donations.
  • Cafe Haru (on 38th btw. 7+8th), another generic deli with a lot of Korean & Japanese options, has closed.
  • The Bulgogi Cart on 49th btw. 5+6th now has Bulgogi & Kimchee Udon Noodle Soup ($5).
  • There is a new, easier to read and understand menu on Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart (46th btw. 5+6th).  Most notable addition- a combo plate that allows you to get any two items, plus rice, french fries or Lo Mein.  (Meaning the combo I paid $8 for, and wrote about is now only $7.50)
  • Finally, the “Chef” at the Biriyani/Chapati Roll Cart on 46th & 6th is on vacation until January 22nd.  The cart remains open, and serving all of their standard items- but there is mention of “appearance & menu changes”, “new & exciting meals” and a “more varieties and selections of Kati Rolls” when the Chef returns. 

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Bits & Pieces: Chx & Waffles is Back, Yum Thai & Jamaican Dutchy Still Closed


  • Piece of Chicken on 45th btw. 8+9th, is back open after closing for a week to build a permanent wall between them and what used to be Jezebel.  They also have added Fried Chicken & Waffles ($2) to their menu (replacing the void left by the long closed Ressie May’s)
  • The ‘wichcraft in Rockefeller Center opened this weekend…
  • … but the Zen Burger on Lex. btw. 44+45th did not.
  • And it looks like the Midtown Pop Burger is going to be delayed one more week as well.   
  • Yum Thai on 44th btw. 6+7th is still closed, they have construction permits littering the window, and their phone number is out of service.  It’s not looking good.
  • The Jamaican Dutchy cart on 51st & 7th is having trouble renewing their permit, which expired at the end of the last month.  They are hoping to get it on Thursday, and be back up and running on Friday.

Bits & Pieces

The Fish Sandwich at Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart comes on a hero roll!
Posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group by “The Flooz

  • The Treats Truck is (again!) hoping to park  parked on 45th & 6th today, in a space vacated by a hibernating Ice Cream Truck.  Check their website for updates… 
  • At Sun Yip/Ho Yip on 45th btw. 5+6th, the price of the by the lb. buffet after 2:15 has gone from $3.75 to $3.99.  
  • Serafina at the Time Hotel (49th btw. 7+8th) opens tomorrow
  • The Goodburger on 45th btw. 5+6th is still a “few weeks away” from opening
  • Sakae Sushi (with the conveyor belts) on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd isn’t even close to opening
  • The Yolato near Grand Central is *supposed* to open on Tuesday the 13th.
  • FreeFoodsNYC is starting to come into its own.  Saw a little bit of a lunch crowd in there yesterday
  • If you live in Brooklyn (or are looking for an excuse to go there on a Wednesday night), tonight is the 1 Year Anniversary Party for The (Amazing) Brooklyn Kitchen (Williamsburg’s version of Williams Sonoma, on Lorimer).  It’s taking place at Union Pool, and there will be food, and music, and THE BODEGA CHALLENGE (which I will be participating in, in a judgemental role).  And the best part is, it’s free… so come check it out.