Del Frisco’s Ends Bar Deal, R.I.P. Mr. Popeyes and more Bits & Pieces

  • Following the lead of many pizza parlors, all you can eat Indian Buffets, and food purveyors all around the country- Del Frisco’s has raised the price of the bar menu steak tips to $11.95. According to one lunch’er, they’ve also reduced the portion size. It was good while it lasted… although something tells me this had less to do with rising food prices, and more to do with crushing our souls. (Lord knows they don’t need the money.)
  • A week after being seized by the I.R.S. for non-payment of taxes, the Old Bridge Deli on 41st & Lex has re-opened. One lunch’er overheard “many of the customers joking with the sandwich makers over which one of them forgot to pay the tax bill”. Those crazy generic Midtown delis! You can close them down, but you can’t take away their sense of humor…
  • After what seems like an eternity, the Treats Truck is back this week. Today they’re at 45th & 6th, tomorrow 38th & 5th. For a complete schedule go to

No more Mr. Popeye’s- where we should go to commemorate his life, after the jump…

  • Al Copeland, founder of Popeyes Famous Chicken & Biscuits passed away over the weekend. We owe this man a great deal, and should pay our respect by stuffing our faces with spicy fried chicken and delicious biscuits (you may say the secret ingredient is butter) at one of the two Popeye’s locations in Midtown (40th btw. 7+8th & 34th btw. 7+8th). He would have wanted it that way…

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  • Just a quick typo- Popeye’s is actually on 40th st. not 41st st. If I wasn’t off fried food rights now (The horror! The horror!) I’d be giving Mr. Copeland a 12 piece salute…

  • Midtown West doesn’t count? There’s a Popeye’s across from 1 Penn plaza- 34th St. btw 7th and 8th! Mmm. And I know this cuz BF works over there… hahahaha.
    (Any downtowners reading, Popeye’s is on Fulton St. Yes I know where they all are…)

  • @ Yvo & Vishal – Thanks! i fixed the post…

  • I’m sorry I only heard of your blog recently…probably because I’m not in midtown….but love it….I may have to take my laptop and hang out somewhere in midtown and pretend I work there. Any suggestions for where I should park myself?

  • Rest in peace, Alvin Charles Copeland. Thank you for showing us all what the gold standard in Spicy Fast Food Chicken could be.

    Jess: when the weather warms up a bit, I recommend Bryant Park–it’s even a wifi hotspot ( Excellent access to the ‘wichcraft kiosks and the Treats Truck lady is close at hand at 38th and 5th on most weekdays. Other midtown park your laptop picks…the concourse at Grand Central–I kind of like the hustle and bustle of it all–or there are a few odd little outdoor “plazas” in midtown. There’s one that I like that cuts through the middle of the block between 5th avenue and 6th avenue, you can access it from 45th or 46th street. I’ll sometimes get something from Kwik Meal or the Biriyani Cart and enjoy the sunshine there.

  • Growing up in Baton Rouge, Popeye’s was a staple on our dinner table growing up. I knew Al personally and can honestly say that he was one of the most interesting characters in Louisiana history (and yes, you can lump him in with Huey and Earl Long)…. from his insane Christmas lights to speedboat racing, he loved living on the edge, and will be missed. Here’s to a 8-piece bucket of spicy with rice and a dozen biscuits.

  • Thanks Brooklyn Brownie!

  • FYI the one on 34th street has been closed for over a year now… so that nobody goes searching fruitlessly.

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