Tuesday is Croque Monsieur Day

Every Tuesday is Croque Monsieur day at the Macaron Cafe (36th btw. B’way+7th), the tiny French macaron bakery/sandwich shop in the Garment District.  A classic French version of a hot ham and cheese sandwich, I’ve been hoping for a good Midtown croque since that croque monsieur truck teased us with its presence for one day last January.  If Macaron Cafe’s version is as good as the other sandwiches they serve, I feel pretty confident recommending it for lunch today…


  • If it’s no good will it be a Croque de Merde?

  • No, it will be a croque madame

  • Or maybe croque patricia walsh smith!

  • best bar in midtown is the happy hour at Metro Marche in port authority. No pretense, the occasional freak, and cheap drinks. Most people go to Stitch on 36th btw 7th and 8th. The happy hour is short, but it’ ok Monday-wednesday. Thursday is too crowded.

  • um, good to know?

  • Maybe I’m not a fan of Guyvere because it smelled horrible to me. ( I can still smell it after I finished it.) Though, it did taste pretty good. I tried not focusing on the smell of the cheese as I ate it.

  • Had this sandwich today. It was a gloriously gooey cheesy hammy slab of delightfulness. Probably a bit too small if you are a shovel-wielding glutton (sideways glance towards Zach) but very nice quality and the price is fair. A winner in my book.

  • Price has gone up to $8 (and change) but it comes with a nice house salad. For a total of $10.45 add on of their famous Macaron’s. I had the Toblerone Macaron, it was AWESOME.
    But I must note that at 4 PM I can still smell the cheese.

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