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Zeytinz is Still “Relatively Fabulous”

Zeytinz Oven

Well over a year ago, Zeytinz received a comprehensive review that did a great job highlighting their deli sandwiches, bibimbap bar, and a few of their grocery offerings. While these are all things I undoubtedly appreciate, I’ve found a few other items at Zeytinz that I enjoy so much, I figured it was worth another spin. If you couldn’t personally find anything in the previous post that got you up, out of your office chair, and on the way to Zeytinz, then maybe I’ll post something that does – let’s find out.

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Among “Gourmet” Delis And Cafes, Zeytinz Is Relatively Fabulous

Like many of you, upon my arrival on the Midtown Lunch scene, I quickly developed an allergy to the gourmet delis and cafes littering the neighborhood. They all seemed the same. Build-your-own-salad. A grill. Pizza. Perhaps sushi. Of course the deli. Steamtables that immediately bring cattle troughs to mind. (And does anyone know why the steamtable food is often so oily, even when it’s just veg? Is it to make the food appear shiny and therefore deceptively fresh? Or is it to weigh it down so the by-the-pound price goes up?)

Zeytinz Fine Food Market Place (on 40th btw. 5+6th) has some of the usual options you might find at the typical midtown gourmet deli, cafe, or *ahem*, fine food market place. But here, both selection and presentation are superior. Plus, they have some mighty good food, and some very good deals at that! Zeytinz is the go-to place for almost everyone in my office, plenty of Profiled Lunch’ers, and a swarm of others every day. I’d like to take a little time to tell you why.
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