Get a Slice of Lazzara’s For Just $1.50

Thanks to Lunch’er “Spencer” for passing along this one… the Lazzara’s (on 9th Ave. btw. 43+44th) is now selling slices of cheese pizza for $1.50. Sadly, it’s only available at the just out of bounds location (not the 38th St. one) but $1.50 is a decent price for one of the better slices of pizza in Midtown. Don’t believe us? Time Out New York included them in their Cheap Eats issue, out today.

Lazzara’s Pizza to Get a Second Location; Original Still Hoppin’


  • It sounds like a decent deal for Lazzara’s.
    In the realm of Naples 45′s pizza deal I hope.

  • Just ate there 2 days ago. Split a margarita pizza and it was a complete disappointment. Sauce tasted canned, used the cheap rubbery/shiny/melted buffalo mozzerella, crust was cracker crisp and hard, and the sliced tomateoes were bland.

    Coming from New Haven, the epicenter of top notch thin crust pizzas (Frank Pepe, Sally’s, Modern, Bar, Dayton Street) this Lazzara’s was way way off its mark. I’ve had their pizza at the original 38th Street location and it was perfect. The sequel, like most movie sequels, was not worth the time or money.

    To wash out the failure of the pizza from my mouth, I stopped by Poseidon Bakery for a delicious spankopita.

    On a positive note, the fresh basil was fragrant, and the pressed tin ceiling and the rotating ceiling fans/light were fascinating old world details.

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