Shake Shack Custard Can’t Save Spoon City


From Lunch’er Steve: “Just walked by Spoon City (on 33rd btw. Mad+5th), the ice cream/soup place across from the Empire State Building. It was all cleaned out. Looks like Shake Shack wins.” Well, we didn’t think there was any chance that Shake Shack would *lose* but it is kind of surprising that more people didn’t get excited about this place. I guess people only like concretes when they have to wait in line for them.

Spoon City Brings Shake Shack’ish Custard to Midtown


  • I’d just like to point out that you never have to wait in line for a concrete at the Shack–they’re available from the B Line, which is always empty. No waiting at all!

  • Spoon got forklosed?

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    i walked by that place a few times, it doesnt have a real store front so you cant really expect people to be able to just feel like they can walk in.

    i never even figured out if that door was to the custard place or like an entrance to the building itself for the apartments so i just continued to walk by

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    The 2 times I tried going, they never had chocolate ready. The first time I went with strawberry instead. Wasn’t anything special. The 2nd time I walked away…

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