Spoon City Brings Shake Shack’ish Custard to Midtown


If you love the concretes they serve at the Shake Shack, but don’t have time to make it to the UWS or Madison Square Park on your lunch break, you’ll want to pay attention to this news. Spoon City, a tiny take out soup, sandwich, and ice cream window has just opened on 5th Avenue btw. 33+34th serving the exact same frozen custard they serve at the Shack. They’re not affiliated in any way, but according to the guy behind the counter Spoon City uses the exact same machinery, and the same ingredients vendor that the Shake Shack uses.

Normally I don’t know if I can tell the difference between ice cream and “frozen custard” (which apparently is a Coney Island specialty) but I do know this: the Shacky Road concrete from the Shack Shack is freakin’ amazing, and if this Spoon City can even replicate a bit of that magic here in Midtown, I’m all for it!

In other words, how could I walk all the way over there and not order something…


$4.75 gets you a small concrete, with one free mix-in (I went with chocolate custard + cookie dough.) It’s kind of pricey for ice cream (custard, whatever), but it tasted pretty awesome. I’m not enough of an expert to say if it tastes exactly like the Shack- but it was close enough. In addition to the concretes, they’ll also do milkshakes and floats or just give you custard in a cone. The menu had 15 flavors listed, but I only saw one custard machine and was under the impression I was just limited to vanilla or chocolate… but I guess not. (According to the menu each serving is “made fresh to order”.) There are also over 14 mix ins, which cost $1 each if you want more than just the one that comes free with any order.

In addition to the sweet stuff, they also have a few savory items like sandwiches, and soups from Hale & Hearty… but clearly the custard is where it’s at.

Spoon City, 339 5th Ave. (btw. 33+34th), 212-686-1244


  • hmm.. so a buck more than the shack but you get a free mix-in. hmm…

  • You seem to be slowly warming to the sweet (read dark) side. A lot of emphasis on Chocolate chip cookie reviews, Sweets Truck, ultra-sugary iced capuccinos from TH (the mint chocolate rocks) now this…

  • Between this and the Tim Horton’s news, you’re in for a helluva summer.

  • I repeat: We WILL be burying a heinously bloated Zach in a piano case in September.

  • Yeah, or we’ll at least have to rename the site midtownpaunch.com

  • I tried the plain vanilla custard this past weekend, to get a feel for how well they do the basics. OMGYUM! Unfortunately, it’s well out of bounds for my workday. Or perhaps fortunately, as, like Zach, I’m already a fat, fat man.

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    I finally got around to trying the custard at Shake Shack. I was there on July 1, so it was black cherry. The custard tasted like they threw a stick of butter in there. Does anyone else taste that? Or was this an off night? The cherry flavor was just meh.

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    Spoon City has CLOSED

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