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Spoon City’s Hot Chocolate Custard is Actually Custard Hot Chocolate

Those of you who don’t do ice cream when it’s freezing outside may be pleased to hear that Spoon City’s “Custard Hot Chocolate” is not frozen custard at all. When I dropped by the other day after my 99 cent pizza run at K Food Corp, (yes I will go out in the freezing cold for frozen custard) the ladies behind the counter at Spoon City looked at me a little oddly when I asked for some Hot Chocolate Custard.  They said they didn’t have any Hot Chocolate Custard, but they did have new Custard Hot Chocolate (in shot form!)  Since I was already there, I decided to give it a try.

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Spoon City Brings Shake Shack’ish Custard to Midtown


If you love the concretes they serve at the Shake Shack, but don’t have time to make it to the UWS or Madison Square Park on your lunch break, you’ll want to pay attention to this news. Spoon City, a tiny take out soup, sandwich, and ice cream window has just opened on 5th Avenue btw. 33+34th serving the exact same frozen custard they serve at the Shack. They’re not affiliated in any way, but according to the guy behind the counter Spoon City uses the exact same machinery, and the same ingredients vendor that the Shake Shack uses.

Normally I don’t know if I can tell the difference between ice cream and “frozen custard” (which apparently is a Coney Island specialty) but I do know this: the Shacky Road concrete from the Shack Shack is freakin’ amazing, and if this Spoon City can even replicate a bit of that magic here in Midtown, I’m all for it!

In other words, how could I walk all the way over there and not order something…

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