Spoon City’s Hot Chocolate Custard is Actually Custard Hot Chocolate

Those of you who don’t do ice cream when it’s freezing outside may be pleased to hear that Spoon City’s “Custard Hot Chocolate” is not frozen custard at all. When I dropped by the other day after my 99 cent pizza run at K Food Corp, (yes I will go out in the freezing cold for frozen custard) the ladies behind the counter at Spoon City looked at me a little oddly when I asked for some Hot Chocolate Custard.  They said they didn’t have any Hot Chocolate Custard, but they did have new Custard Hot Chocolate (in shot form!)  Since I was already there, I decided to give it a try.


For $1.75 you get a little espresso cup’s worth of their thick house-made hot chocolate with or without whipped cream.  I choose with whipped cream, natch.  Apparently they make it there each day with dark chocolate, cinnamon and a “proprietary blend of spices” that one of the ladies behind the counter says she mixes each morning.  The cocoa itself was mildly spicy but not “hot” spicy.  If you have a relatively low tolerance for sweet beverages, this is not the drink for you.  At $2.75, regular size hot chocolate that looked like it was at least 8 oz is only $1 more, but the ladies at Spoon City said that most customers complained that it was too much and they couldn’t finish it.

While City Bakery isn’t in danger of losing hot chocolate customers to Spoon City, if you like your hot chocolate on the sweet and spicy side and enjoy the novelty of doing chocolate shots, this might be the post lunch treat you’re looking for.

Spoon City, 339 5th Ave. (btw. 33+34th), 212-686-1244

Spoon City Brings Shake Shack’ish Custard to Midtown


  • Who would have thought that ‘custard’ could be so confusing?

    In fact, who would have thought that custard was even edible — I mean down heah in the South, we hardly know what ‘custard’ is all about.

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    so hot chocolate custard is custard… and custard hot chocolate is hot chocolate

    where as hot chocolate custard is flavored to taste like hot chocolate… is custard hot chocolate flavored to taste like custard?

    im a little lost myself… i may have to check this out

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