Checking Out the New 99 Cent Pizza Place in K-Town


I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a 99 cent slice of pizza.  To my way of thinking most slices in Midtown are frankly mediocre, so I’d rather not pay $2.75-$3.00 for a sub par piece of pizza when I could pay 99 cents instead.  Alas working in the Rock Center area, I’m a little cut off from the sub $1 slice love (at least until the new branch of 2 Bros rolls into the Diamond District later this spring).  When I heard that there was a deli in K-Town serving up 99 cent slices on 33rd street, just two subway stops away, I knew that I had to check it out.

Walking into the deli, I wasn’t sure if I had the right place.  It’s a fairly narrow shop.  They have various cookies and snacks in the front along with random sundry items like toothbrushes.  In the back they have a small case and that’s where you’ll find the pizza action.


Slices with toppings (think Hawaiian pizza) are $2.75, but cheese slices are 99 cents plus tax (boooo!).  Sorry, fellow cheapskates, you’d better have $1.09 on hand (not sure why it’s $1.09, when the other places charge $1.07, it’s still darn cheap, so I wasn’t going to quibble over how they calculated the tax).

As for the pizza, eh, it was ok.  One of the best things about the more popular 99 cent pizza joints is their high degree of turnover.  Show up at  99 cent Fresh Pizza on 43rd between Lex and 3rd or the 99 cent Fresh Pizza behind the Port Authority and you’re basically guaranteed a fresh, hot slice.  From what I could see K Food Corp. doesn’t have the turnover right now to ensure the hot slices at all times.  I arrived at around 2:00pm and there was just one half a cheese pie out and it looked like it had been sitting for awhile–I’ve been to the other 99 cent pizza places at a similar time and scored a fresh piece.  I paid my $1.09 and the guy took my slice around to the back to reheat it.

99 cent from Slice from K Food Corp.

The slice itself was a decent size and the crust was thin and pleasantly crispy from the reheating.


The sauce was too sweet and a little too heavy on the oregano for my liking.  It was also topped with a fairly thick coating of cheese–which again is not really my thing, but for 99 cents, I was decently satisfied and happy to still have money in my pocket.  Much happier than when I paid $2.75 for a blah slice at Pronto Pizza last week.  99 cent Fresh Pizza and 2 Bros. Pizza have a leg up in terms of flavor, but if you just want a quick snack and this deli is convenient to you, it will do the trick.


  • Slice of pizza for 99 cents (plus tax) = win
  • 99 cent pizza is now easily accessible to K-Town/Rock Center
  • I love me a slice that’s enrobed in cheese


  • Not the best of the 99 cent pizza bunch
  • At other locations there is always a line, and always a fresh pie coming out of the oven.  This location is new, and may take awhile to get the same kind of turnover.
  • What’s up with the weird tax calculation?  2 Bros. Pizza charges you a single Washington, no need for change.

K Food Corp, 18 East 33rd St. (btw. Mad+5th), 212-213-5100


  • taking the subway to 99 cent pizza?

    that is just plain wrong on so many levels. not to mention that it is actually $5.59 for the slice for you.

  • not if you have monthly metro card ;)

  • but still more than 99 cents for crappy pizza.

  • Pronto Pizza on 55th? yeah that place is wank. Tuscany a couple doors down sucks too.

  • Plus Tax is BOO!! 2 Bros. FTW. I’d go in if I’m near the area. Otherwise, there’s a 99 cents slice in walking distance from my office already.

  • they’re really hoping all that light helps make the pizza better looking, huh. SIX halogen lamps?!

    also, I enjoy that they covered the slice in a blanket of cheese. non-cheese-filled bites of pizza blow.

  • That slice looks like a bag-lady’s sanitary towel.

  • you have to try the pizza from NAPLES (to go)
    Im a big fan and after 2pm slices are 1.75
    there lasagna is really good too.

  • I just walked over and tried it–only have a crappy camera phone, so no pics. The pizza is ok. It would be pretty good if i had a toaster oven to reheat it in and make it crispy. For .99, or 2.10 for 2 slices (no idea how he did the tax math), it’s a steal compared to the other crappy places around here. I would much rather pay for 2 slice from this 99 cent place then one crappy slice from Silo downstairs or bella napoli on mad btwn 30th and 31st.

  • Sweet, thanks for the write up.

    And maybe its the pastel green wall paint weird white tile combo, but the picture of the pizza counter looks like a background scene out of the first Matrix movie. Was there a guy in sunglasses with an earpiece and beige/green suit serving the slice and calling you Mr. Anderson?

  • It’s definitely an odd setup–you pay for pizza at the pizza counter and seemingly everything else up front, like there are 2 seperate businesses being run there. Also, doesn’t seem like the best place to eat at…there is a table or 2, but it’s crowded with people standing and waiting. For cheap ok pizza, it is defintely worth it imo, considering all the other places around here are pricey.

  • People EAT this crap??


    I’ve seen public restrooms that look better than this place.

  • Don’t knock it til ya try it doc! I am 100% certain it is better than anything they call “pizza” down in your neck of the woods!

  • @Steve: haha. I see your point, but with a monthly metro card for work I’m more than happy to use it as much as possible. Makes me feel a little less bad about the ever rising fares.

    @Goats: did they reheat for you? My slice was decently crispy after reheating, but maybe they left it in longer than usual. I wonder if you asked for them to heat it a little longer if they’d oblige.

  • Yeah, yesterday was a total reheat. Today I had what I think was a fresh piece, although it certainly could have used another 5 to 6 min at 400 or so. I like my pizza crunchy crust, and a bit well done on top. I think I might order a pie this weekend and bring it home and reheat to my own sense of perfection. Overall, I am impressed with it. Today’s slice was excellent, even if a little doughy.

  • Nothing says “partying on a saturday night” or “cheap bastard” more than ordering a 99 cent pizza pie for $9! Yes, i did folks, yes i did….

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    How could you disgrace yourself???? For $.99 a slice I might do the same !!! :-)

  • Eating it now. It’s fair. Slices not as large or thick as Two Bros. on St. Marks (which I find more than acceptable). Service is slow and the long, narrow space is uninviting. It used to be a Golden Krust, and I wish it still was.

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