2 Bros Pizza Opening Two More Midtown Locations

It looks like 2 Bros Pizza is not going to stop at just one Midtown location.  Apparently their Port Authority location on 40th and 9th is doing so well, they have plans to open two more in the next 3 months.  We’re hearing that the first will open in 7-10 days on 8th Ave. and 38th Street, followed by another location in March in the Diamond District area.  Fans of 99 cent pizza should be excited about this news.  The owners of 99 Cent Fresh Pizza?  Not so much.

$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open


  • That’s great news! No longer have to walk to 9th Ave.
    I like 2 Bros. Pizza better than 99 cents. No tax and truly a dollar slice.

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    darn, thats farther away from me than the one thats around 16th and 6th… then again i guess i would be more upset if it was the exact same distance away

  • i’m with you @StreetMeasOnsumer3008, if they wanna tout the dollar slice, i can’t be bothered to pull out 7 pennies. it’s still the same price in my mind, just so inconvenient.

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