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Free Tacos

Eater reports that Lolita will be giving out free tacos today to promote their new LUNCH menu. I am pretty psyched they are realizing locals like to eat well for lunch too! Main dishes range from $9-$15.

Taco Tuesday at Du Jour

 Du Jour  is a cafe located in the “Commerce Square” on Market Street. The menu looks like a lot of basic  sandwiches and salads all hovering over the $10 mark. But take out tacos, normally $11 are $6.99 on Tuesdays.

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Top Lunches of 2013

I am a big pig and have eaten hundreds of exciting lunches this past year. I am both grossed out and proud of myself when looking back at all the damage. I wrangled up my favorites of 2013 to share.

January started the year off strong, with peirogi’s from Donna’s smokey bar, Caribbean platters from Little Delicious, tom yom beef jerky from Ratchada, and the gooey mac and cheese brisket sandwich from MeltKraft.

In February, the Uzbeki meal from Samarkand was pretty legendary.

Taco truck, Taco El Rodeo was a pleasant surprise in April.

Pennsylvania 6 did the fancy business lunch right for me in May. Less fancy, but still satisfying: Poi Dog cart’s fried chicken and Campo’s monster of a meat sandwich called “The Stockyard”. Plus, this month brought the opening of Sizzling Woks (called Xi’an Famous Foods then), which meant slippery, spicy liang pi noodles in my mouth.

In June, I was obsessing over the lamb tacos at Border Springs Farm.

The meatball sandwich at Corner Foodery and the beef sandwich at Pura Vida were stand outs. Slightly more upscale, I loved the grilled pastrami and mac and cheese at Twisted Tail.

The meaty torta from American Sardine Bar and meaty burrito bowl from Animo  provided tasty protein in August.

September is beautiful in Philly. Perfect for a picnic provided by Talula’s Daily. I was also overjoyed to find pupusas at Tamalex. I also ate a large amount of pork from Freddy and Tony’s.

The sandwiches at El Soto and cheesy tacos from Quetzally satiated Mexican cravings for October. I was also in love with the bread from High Street and much of the Cambodian snacks at Kavei Express.

Rounding out the year; in the past 2 months I was impressed by the dim sum at Wokano, the Godfather sandwich from Cosmis, and the soup dumplings from I-Green.

I think its time for a salad. Please keep your fingers crossed that I fit in to my New Year’s Eve dress tonight. So- What were your favorite lunches this year?

Border Springs Lamb Tacos

On a Reading Terminal grocery trip, I got a little hungry and wanted a snack. I was blown away by the lamb shoulder sandwich at the  Border Springs Farm lamb stand in Reading Terminal, and wanted similar tastes in my mouth in a smaller size.  Lamb tacos seemed just right. I used up all my lamb puns in that first write up, so please refer to it if ewe are in the mood for that sort of thing this afternoon.

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The Mexican Food Stand Inside The Bourse

Last spring, I learned about the excellent chicken fingers inside the Independence Hall tourist stop known as The Bourse. Another food stand that stood out next to the Sbarro and pizza, was one serving Mexican food. At first, I didn’t think it could possibly have decent food there, but upon learning The Bourse also houses the Mexican consulate, I was less of a skeptic.

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The Scoop on the free taco at Union Taco

One hour left for free tacos at Union Tacos preview on 7th and Girard. I was hoping to order from the menu, but the only thing available today is one free chicken taco per person. Decent chicken, pretty juicy- I was just really hoping to get some red meat or chorizo cheese fries after coming all the way out there… Staff seemed a little confused but they guessed the full menu might be available tomorrow.

Big, Cheesy Plates Fit in a Tiny Space at New Mexican Eatery Quetzally

This month, a Mexican restaurant called Quetzally took over the tiny space formerly occupied by the Asian fusion restaurant, Stix Asian Eatery. No more Korean style chicken wings. Instead, salsa and melty cheese. Apparently, Quetzali means beautiful in Nahuatl, and while the space isn’t exactly beautiful (currently photos of Mexican food cover up a giant poster of a Korean fried chicken wing), it is homey and comfortable.

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