I-Green Frozen Yogurt and Kitchen’s Secretly Awesome Dim Sum

I-Green opened in the summer of 2012 and has managed to stay open despite its confusing identity. While it used to only serve vegetarian food, that is no longer the case. Is it a froyo joint? A generic Chinese food restaurant? Where to get bubble tea? A  sushi spot? A place to get a cheesesteak? A place for vegetarian mock meat? It is all of those things, yes, but those things are irrelevant. Because in the kitchen (located in the back, behind the whole froyo set up), you can score some fresh dim sum all day. At $6, I-Green’s lunch combo is almost tempting, but the basic choices are not thrilling. Instead, bring a friend, and share some plates from the dim sum section.

I sat down and was served some excellent tea. I asked about the dim sum section and the waiter told me everything is handmade and would take about 10 minutes to be ready. Promising.

Fuzhou wontons had to be explained to me; they are like nothing I have ever heard of- meaty wontons in a simply, salty broth. Sounds normal. BUT, the wonton wrapper is made out of pounded pork skin. It gave the wontons an extra unctuous element. Might as well have more meat and less carbs. Dr. Atkins approves this bowl.

When Shanghai juicy buns (soup dumplings/ xiao long bao) are on a menu, I order them. At I-Green, you get 6 for $4.95, a good price. I was skeptical, mostly because of all the genres this place covers, could they know how to execute the elusive soup dumpling? They ended up really impressing me; the broth was unique, rich and with notes of anise. I liked the fresh tasting pork filling, and the sticky wrapper had the right thickness. All soup dumplings lovers should add these on their Chinatown itinerary.

Our one disappointment were the shu mai, which unfortunately, did not taste fresh.  Maybe most of the dim sum, but not everything, is handmade.

After a slew of salty dumplings dipped in soy sauce, you might be craving something sweet. The froyo is good, I preferred the strawberry and green tea to the salted pretzel. The topping selection is particularly good; lots of chocolate candy, popping boba, sauces, etc.

I love an unexpected food success, and that was certainly the case with I-Green.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Your choice of American/Chinese/Sushi/Dessert
  • Impressive soup dumplings
  • Meat wrapped meat dumplings

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Shu mai are not right
  • A lot of the menu is boring

 I-Green Frozen Yogurt and Kitchen, 1028 Arch St, 267 519-2742


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