Avoid the Burn: My Video on Consuming Soup Dumplings Safely

While loving my lunch at Sakura earlier this week, I made a little video of my method of eating xiao long bao. Check it out after the jump…

At Sakura Mandarin, 8 Treasures is the Perfect Number of Treasures for Lunch



  • Those look awesome Jamie. The other day I bashed the Soup Dumplings from Sang Kee Noodle House. I gave them a second try two days ago and found them to be quite good. (Seems they worked out the opening week Soup Dumpling kinks.) They don’t look nearly as big as the ones in your video, but they were tasty a had a good texture (and I think for the month of March there’s a special on them at 8 soup dumplings for $5).

  • Hooray. Beautiful Jamie eating xiao long bao for ML! Very nice. The Sakura soup dumplings looks good.

    Is Zach going to do a video at an L.A. venue next? And Mama doing an infamous inedible challenge on film with her face blurred out and voice morphed? :)

  • Ha, first off, Beautiful Jamie on vid works for obvious reasons.. nose ring and all :> An excellent educational vid Jamie as I’m prone to the burn everytime I go for Joe Shanghai’s crab/pork soupy dumplings. I’m good with your “venting” technique, but the draining of the soup before biting in.. i’m sorry, that’s bad form :> As bad as it sounds, the entire dumpling needs to be carefully deposited in one’s mouth, then what follows is a burst of soup mixed with the meat-filling inside <—–i tried writing that sentence 14 different ways so that it couldn't be taken out of context. Oh well, the pervs are going to have a field day on that one. Then again, I probably liked this vid a bit too for the wrong reasons ;P we miss you in NYC Jamie.

    • @jeff My method was taught to me by the manager of Joe’s Shanghai when I was 7 years old… so I am rather confident in my form!

      But if you enjoy it more another way, more power to ya.

  • Those are the coolest looking chopsticks I’ve ever seen.

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    Somehow your dumpling eating form is both efficient and cute. I’m very impressed (mostly with the cuteness).

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    Nip, slurp, and bite— of course that is the right way!!

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    Had these this week, and have had the ones from Dim Sum Garden in the past. Not sure which I prefer, will have to do more research… ;-)

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