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A Taste of Puebla from the Dos Hermanos Taco Truck

Spring in Philly is the happiest of times; everyone is in a good mood and ready to eat and drink outside. Spring summons up  the emergence of new food trucks, eager to feed all those mouths happy to wait on lines outdoors.

While on Drexel’s campus, I spotted the Dos Hermanos truck, which stood out to me not only because about an hour earlier they started following me on twitter, but because of their beautifully decorated truck. The chef is from Puebla, Mexico- a town known for their food.  On the menu: tacos ($2.50 for 1, $7 for 3), burritos, quesadillas, tortas, sopes, tostadas, nachos, and salads.

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Chestnut Hill’s Market at the Fairway Korean Tacos

I just learned about the existence of The Market at Fairway- open Thursday through Saturday in Chestnut Hill. Like a mini Reading Terminal, the space houses food vendors- both prepared and goods to take home and cook yourself.  Exploring the  Market for the first time, I did a lap around, but ultimately decided to have lunch at the first stand I saw when I walked in- Chicko Tako, for Korean-Mexican food.

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Guatemalan and Mexican To Go at Cafe Canela

Photo via James Jennings for Passyunk Post

Over the winter, Cafe Canela opened in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood.  Appearing as another Mexican take out spot at first glance, a careful read of the menu suggested a Guatemalan chef in that kitchen.

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How About Reuben Tacos: A Revisit to Quetzally

When Quetzally opened on 12th and Fitzwater in 2013, I was slightly obsessed with how this tiny, unassuming spot delivered authentic Mexican plates for cheap without me having to cross Washington Ave. For real, I kept bothering my friends to check it out with me. When we arrived for a revisit,  I was thrilled to find a revamped menu, with creative tacos I would have never expected.

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Top Lunches of 2014

A pre New Year round up of my favorites bites is a fun excuse to look back on each year of dining. It is also incentive to get down and hold the plank position until the ball drops.  Here are my 2014 eating highlights:

During my first overseas trip of the  year, I ate my way through Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai!

Soon after, I started giving Chinatown Food Tours! (if you still owe someone a belated Holiday gift, its not a bad idea!)

I wrote a few fun articles for Zagat, including one on shopping at “ethnic” markets.

On an outing to Graffiti Pier in Port Richmond, I put together a Polish picnic that you can replicate.

For my birthday, we celebrated with beer and a Puerto Rican Pork feast.

I coordinated a food truck festival for 15,000 people in Mt. Airy.

On a solo vacation in Mexico City, I ate a ton of street meat.

I was really proud of my Federal Donuts costume this Halloween.

Way more, after the jump…

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Lunches We Need from Mexico City

Last week, I snuck away and took a solo expedition to Mexico City. Besides seeing the sites and drinking mezcal, my main goal was sampling the street food.

This first picture was taken before I bit in to my very first Mexican taco. It was made in Mercado de la Merced, a gigantic semi-covered market with everything from clothes, vegetables, and Halloween costumes, to live animals, and lots of food stalls. The taco man, probably seeing my excitement, asked to take a picture with me, so I too captured the happy, anticipatory pre taco moment on my camera.  Pictures of that taco, and much much more after the jump…

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Tacos Worth Stopping for from El Sabor Poblano

Although there are countless little Mexican places below Washington Avenue, I never get sick of them and always look forward to trying the new kid on the block. This time it was El Sabor Poblano on Federal, which could not look less special if it tried.

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