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Crisp Says They’ll Bring Back Indian Falafel if You Follow Them On Twitter

Remember “The Taj”,  the crazy Indian falafel that Crisp entered in the Midtown Lunch sandwich challenge?  It had poppadums, and a mango chutney in the pita with the falafel- and came with a yogurt dipping sauce on the side.  It was delicious, but sadly they took it off the menu after only a few weeks.  Well, Crisp sent word yesterday that if their twitter account (@eatatcrisp) reaches 1000 followers by August 21st they will bring back the Taj.  A stupid publicity stunt to up their twitter count?  Uh… yeah.  But if it means the return of The Taj, it’s a small price to pay.  Plus, every one of their first 1000 followers on twitter will get a special coupon code they can use to buy the Taj when it returns- and one lucky winner will receive free Crisp for a week.  I suppose we can get behind that… You follow them on twitter here.

How Bad Could Kyochon Be? Jimmy Fallon Loves it!

Bittman & Sifton Disagree Over Lunch


We rather enjoyed seeing NYT food critic Sam Sifton defending Midtown Lunch’ing options to his co-worker and well known food writer Mark Bittman via Twitter yesterday.  Sure, Pick a Pita (on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th) hasn’t been as good since it moved out of their semi-hidden 38th street location, but there are far worse places to work (lunch-wise) than 41st and 8th!  (And we are super curious about this “Chicken Man” you speak of…)

Sifton Not Down With Chicken House

Urban Lobster Shack Sandwich Looks Different On Their Twitter Feed

On the Left, My Lobster Roll; On the Right, the Twittered Lobster Roll

Shame on Urban Lobster Shack! I enjoyed my under $10 lobster roll at the newly opened Urban Lobster Shack inside the basement food court on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th. But I was a little surprised by the lobster roll photo they tweeted last week. I didn’t really notice any significant amounts of claw meat in my sandwich, but check out their bad ass claw filled lobster salad sandwich.  Not quite lobster-gate, but whoever got the sandwich in that photo was a lucky lunch’er if you ask me!

Urban Lobster Shack’s $10 Lobster Roll Is Worth the $$ (But More Importantly, the Price is Permanent)

Twitter Tracker: Pizza by Cer Te isn't open yet, but you can get a sneak peak at their artichoke buffalo pizza today on 55th btw. 5+6th.  Also on the ML Twitter Tracker... Cravings is on 53rd, Schnitzel is on 48th and has veal, Street Sweets is on 50th, and Cupcake Stop is in the Flatiron with Jets Cupcakes.

Mantao Reopens w/ New Soup Deal: via Twitter: Mantao Chinese Sandwiches has reopened and is now doing a soup/sandwich/shrimp crackers lunch special for $9.95. Also on the ML Twitter Tracker: Schnitzel & Things is on 52nd and Street Sweets is on 50th.

Who Wants Veal?: It's the first day of what should be a short and slow week, but the ML Twitter Tracker is still active... Schnitzel Truck is on 52nd with veal, Street Sweets is on 50th, and apparently Crisp is now serving breakfast.

NYC Cravings is in Midtown Today: Good news on the ML Twitter Tracker today... because they had truck issues yesterday, NYC Cravings will selling their Taiwaness fried chicken goodness on 53rd btw. Lex+Park today (sorry Downtown!) Also, Street Sweets is on 50th (with fresh baked goodies) and Rickshaw is on 45th.

I Guess Portland and Midtown Aren’t So Different After All

From the Food Carts Portland twitter account:

Hear hear brotherman.

Best Food Cart City: Portland or New York?

Mantao Accidentally Closes a Week Early?: Plenty to see on the ML Twitter Tracker this morning: Street Sweets is on 50th, but Wafels won't be open on 45th until 1:30pm (b/c of a private party). Papa Perrone and NYC Cravings are having truck issues, and Mantao claims they are closed through the 23rd "for the holidays" (though I can't help but think they just tweeted the wrong dates.)