I Guess Portland and Midtown Aren’t So Different After All

From the Food Carts Portland twitter account:

Hear hear brotherman.

Best Food Cart City: Portland or New York?


  • I never understood the line at Chop’t…or even the Subway’s on 52nd betn 3rd & Lex. XPL is right there now (they’re starting to pick up)! Or go wait on line at Gourmet 53.

  • The line in the Rock Center subway is always around the bend. Cravings or Schitzel needs to set up somewhere along 6th Ave…Street Sweets gets a good number of people where it is! (50th btwn 6th and 7th)

    (And I know Schnitzel wanted to try that spot Tuesday…before they caught fire)

  • people that line up for subway are a a breed of their own.

  • those are the health conscious people – if you’re watching your weight, you don’t go to xpl, or any cart for that matter

  • It’s only healthy because they put like two pieces of meat on their sandwiches. Jared lost all that weight because he was basically eating a bunch of veggies between two pieces of bread.

  • then eat good turkey on good bread…the smell of that place makes me sick to my stomach…ick.

  • RE: “I Guess Portland and Midtown Aren’t So Different After All”.

    Really? I appreciate that info.

    Now, let’s see — where can I file that legal opinion?

  • A month ago, my firm’s subsidized cafeteria shut down for renovations and the women nearest me ordered delivery from the same deli every single day. It’s literally right across the street. I wondered why they didn’t even want to go outside to see what the weather was like, and finally, I suggested to them once the Schnitzel truck. And another time some other cart down here. And so on. They loved everything I suggested, but now that the cafeteria is back open, they are back to eating there every day.

    I just don’t get it.

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    some people think the food is unsanitary… others thing the cooks are unsanitary or under trained… others think its uncool to eat at the cart… still others just dont like the taste… and even more are wary about anything not supported by a franchise

    i pick and choose depending on what people are saying about it, or my own knowledge of food preparation… too bad theres no flatiron food blog so i can get more outside info, at least i can get schnitzel and things once a week

  • Let’s face it, the vast majority of people are just not that adventerous when it comes to food and are content to eat bland predictable food day in and day out. That being said, the fact that pizza chains like Dominos are able to survive in NYC still blows my mind. My boss regularly orders pizza from Papa Johns, which has to be, without a doubt, the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten, even worse than Dominos.

    Eating in a chain restaurant is no guarantee of sanitary food! The Taco Bell/KFC in the West Village was shut down because of rats.

    But yeah, people like bland. That’s why Budweiser and similarly tasteless lagers and pilsners are available all over the world.

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