Crisp Says They’ll Bring Back Indian Falafel if You Follow Them On Twitter

Remember “The Taj”,  the crazy Indian falafel that Crisp entered in the Midtown Lunch sandwich challenge?  It had poppadums, and a mango chutney in the pita with the falafel- and came with a yogurt dipping sauce on the side.  It was delicious, but sadly they took it off the menu after only a few weeks.  Well, Crisp sent word yesterday that if their twitter account (@eatatcrisp) reaches 1000 followers by August 21st they will bring back the Taj.  A stupid publicity stunt to up their twitter count?  Uh… yeah.  But if it means the return of The Taj, it’s a small price to pay.  Plus, every one of their first 1000 followers on twitter will get a special coupon code they can use to buy the Taj when it returns- and one lucky winner will receive free Crisp for a week.  I suppose we can get behind that… You follow them on twitter here.

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