Urban Lobster Shack Sandwich Looks Different On Their Twitter Feed

On the Left, My Lobster Roll; On the Right, the Twittered Lobster Roll

Shame on Urban Lobster Shack! I enjoyed my under $10 lobster roll at the newly opened Urban Lobster Shack inside the basement food court on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th. But I was a little surprised by the lobster roll photo they tweeted last week. I didn’t really notice any significant amounts of claw meat in my sandwich, but check out their bad ass claw filled lobster salad sandwich.  Not quite lobster-gate, but whoever got the sandwich in that photo was a lucky lunch’er if you ask me!

Urban Lobster Shack’s $10 Lobster Roll Is Worth the $$ (But More Importantly, the Price is Permanent)


  • I had this today, and it was so good. 2nd time in 2 weeks i had this. Mine didn’t have huge claws, but it was still damn good. Hard to get full off of it, but still worth the coin.

  • I have a pic but don’t know how to upload pics (if possible).

    I’d upload it as my user picture, but the ‘avatar’ section doesn’t seem to be working either.

    FYI – the new england clam chowder was awesome too. Very rich and clamy. Definitely butter based.

  • Ch58, get a flickr account or just email it to Zach

  • Just finished a roll from ULS, and it looked like Zach’s. I did get some nicely large pieces there.

    The dressing you’re supposed to pour onto the salad acts as a DELICIOUS dip for the sammich too, btw.

    Zach, did you try the $10 lobster roll at Certe?

  • @RockCenter – No! Didn’t realize they had it until I got back from lunch :-(

  • Neither did I!! Apparently they had it today too, according to their specials.


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