Urban Lobster Shack’s $10 Lobster Roll Is Worth the $$ (But More Importantly, the Price is Permanent)

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Photo courtesy of @UrbanLobster

The Urban Lobster Shack’s Twitter account has been pretty active since they opened their new Midtown location. Just before New Year’s they took over the little take out space in the basement food court on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th, that used to be occupied by Yorganic, and since then they’ve been sending out messages about mascots, shrimp & mussels lunch specials, and of course the $10 lobster roll. In this world you always get you pay for, but the under $10 lobster roll has a special place in my heart. I wrote about the one at Fairway for Serious Eats, and always dreamed that eventually Midtown would get its own.

Did I expect beautiful big lumps of lobster meat, no filler, and a fully intact claw adorning the top? Of course not. I’d settle for a decent size sandwich, that tastes somewhat like lobster. (What can I say… for $10 you have to lower your standards.) Thankfully Urban Lobster Shack doesn’t disappoint.


You could argue about the proper makeup of a lobster roll (and you guys have), but for $10 if you don’t mind mayo, and celery, this guy was pretty good. Decent size, good amount of “meat” (and by that, I mean that they stuff the hot dog bun with a good amount of the lobster salad), and it tasted like lobster. Is it as good as the almost $30 lobster rolls you get around the city? Of course not. And even though I haven’t been, just from looking at photos I can tell it won’t hold a candle to the $14 lobster roll at Luke’s in the East Village. But this is Midtown, and with our options limited- this is the best we’re going to do. Toss in a caesar salad, and I’m sold.

And the best part is, for those who though the $10 lobster roll lunch special was a temporary grand opening special… it’s not. They told me at the register that it’s permanent, not just here in Midtown- but also at the Downtown location. So Urban Lobster Roll is officially a proper Midtown Lunch, and Midtown officially has an under $10 lobster (salad) roll.


  • I love mayo
  • I don’t care what it tastes like.  If I can get a lobster roll lunch for $10, I’m in.
  • For the price you’re not really going to do much better
  • Did I mention I love mayo?


  • I hate mayo
  • The lobster “salad” is more like tuna fish.  Where’s the chunks?  Where’s the claw?
  • Celery has no business being in a lobster roll.  And where’s the butter?
  • I’d rather pay more $$ and get a better product
  • Did I mention I hate mayo?

Urban Lobster Shack, 805 3rd Ave. (btw. 49+50th) in the Basement


  • I will try that….celery and mayo are 2 of my lobster salad musts…and at $11 per lb. on Fresh Direct, this doesnt seem like a bad deal, even if the lobster meat is a little “minced”….

    Maybe they would give you a small container of butter if you asked??

    If you go there before I do, Goats, let me know!!

  • “Photo courtesy of @UrbanLobster”

    I don’t want any courtesy!

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    I cry imposter!

    Caesar what????

    What did you do with Zach and how much is the ransom?

  • Cheese + Oily crunchy bread + creamy dressing = acceptable salad!

  • Ooh, this is available at the Downtown location for $10! Awesome!

    …Downtown had it first. I’m just sayin’ cuz it had to be said ;)
    …but it had to go to Midtown before we could get a ML-appropriate price.

    Doubly just-sayin’

  • I hate Mayo!! LOL!

  • Very, very exciting new, this. It’s about time that midtown lobster rolls started reflecting market prices (without being served in a ridiculous wrap).

  • That looks about the same size as (and sounds like lower quality than) a generic lobster roll that you can pick up in many Boston supermarkets fro about half the price. (I know this isn’t Boston; just putting in a reality check for those who are amazed at a “$10 Lobster Roll!”) Heck, the lobster rolls they used to have at McDonalds were probably as good if not better.

  • I liked the lobster roll (then again, I too am a mayo-lover). But do NOT get the salmon burger. Had it today. It’s just a dried-out piece of salmon slapped onto a roll. No sauce, lettuce, nothing on it at all! I was appalled… AM appalled. I was gonna snap a picture of the thing, but it seems very un-New-Year’s-happy-vibes to spread such lunch sadness.

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