Is Yorganic’s Closing Just the Beginning of the FroYo Bloodbath?


Who knows how long ago this happened but I noticed today that Yorganic, the Froyo place in the Crystal Pavillion Food Court on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th, has closed. A combination of weather, the economy, and oversaturated market place could spell trouble for a lot of the Pinkberry knockoffs over the next few months. As long as they don’t touch my Red Mango on 8th Ave. and 45th I’ll be ok. (Yes, I like Red Mango. Sue me, it’s freakin’ good. I won’t go near Pinkberry though. Does that make up for it?)


  • Good observation. I really was surprised when these new upscale ‘froyo’ places started popping up everywhere in the past year or 2. There’s no way that this fad will be sufficently pervasive or long-lasting to support all of these places. Heck, even Starbucks is shutting down tons of stores, and coffee isn’t just a treat, it’s a *necessity*!

    So what time is the ML lunch gathering today at Bon Chon, Zach? ;^)

  • That place hired me to do the photography for them..they were nice people I’m sorry to hear that :(

  • Can the cupcake places be far behind?

  • It’ll be replaced w/ a Baha Fresh/TD Waterhouse

  • Ya Know, for a while i was all “pinkberry and red Mango- same thing” But I was CLEARLY wrong. Red Mango is far more superior to Pinkberry. I agree. Leave Red mango alone, take Pinkberry!
    I’ll take an original with granola, dark chocolate chips and strawberries please.

  • Yolato on Park Ave (btween 41st and 42nd) closed – maybe just for the winter? They need to partner with a soup company and do a switchover every Spring/Fall!

  • love red mango

  • That’s weird. The Yorganic website is under construction even though I just saw it the other day.

    I’m currently eating a serving of Yoganic from the downtown location, but even I have to admit, it does not compare to Red Mango. :/

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