Certe’s Lobster Roll is $9 (For One Day Only)

I had heard about the mysterious take-out only lobster roll offered as an occasional lunch special at Certe (on 55th btw. 5+6th), but at $11.75 it’s usually out of the Midtown Lunch price range… except for tomorrow. We’ve gotten word that for one day only (Friday, May 22) Certe will be offering their lobster roll for $8.95 (take out only.) There is nothing like a lobster roll to get your Memorial Day weekend kicked off right… except maybe the bacon implosion. This could be a really tough decision. Anybody had the Certe lobster roll before? Let us know in the comments if it’s worth it.


  • Mmm…must try.

    Hopefully it’s not cut too badly with starchy/mayo filler.

  • I’m assuming the bacon implosion will still be around next week, so tomorrow is a good day to try the lobster roll at Certe..

  • i’m all over this business. full report tomorrow.

  • Zach – the new site is shaping up nicely…very nicely. Congrats!

  • The Start of half day Fridays—and lobster for lunch—I am a Goat in a field (Rather than a pig in sh*t)…AWESOMENESS!

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    i’d definitely try this if i wasn’t off tomorrow. full report please!

  • oh no! look at this twitter post: “@MidtownLunch Our lobster roll is $11.75 when ordered at the counter or for take out”
    does that mean, no 9 buck lobster roll!!??

  • @Gustad – No! That was from a few weeks back, when I first heard about it. Sorry to confuse… today only they’re selling it for $9.

  • excellent. glad i asked. see ya’ll there

  • I called to triple check. Its ON!

  • I’ve got a feeling that this line is going to be epic.

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    Just had the Lobster Roll..

    They really shouldn’t call it a Lobster Roll since.. well… there’s NO ROLL! Maybe you guys knew this already but I didn’t realize that it was a wrap.. and not an actual roll..

    the lobster mix was fine… nothing amazing.. but nothing bad… it wasn’t too overloaded with mayo as fillers…. and there was a decent amount of lobster.. but having to eat it in a wrap.. just ruined the whole thing… i placed the order from my office to pick it up.. and I couldn’t turn back since they had it ready for me right when i got there…

    In any case.. it was pretty good for what it was.. but I was looking forward to biting into a roll.. and having the wrap was disappointing…

  • I agree with sushiburger. IT’S A WRAP!!

    Totally weak and underwhelming, and not worth $9. Unless you’re really into leg- and occasional-knuckle-meat, for some reason.

    Apart from being served on a fucking wrap (uncool, unacceptable), Certe somehow saw it fit to include CORN and RED ONIONS in their lobster salad. These foolish ingredients totally overpowered whatever small amount of actual lobster flavor that this “thing” was packing.

    Bonus Fail: they put RAISINS in the coleslaw that came with the lobster “roll.” What the hell are they smoking over there.

    Never again. If you’re on the fence and haven’t left yet, don’t bother.

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    Definitely.. I actually ended up taking everything out of the wrap.. and just eating the lobster..

  • right right to everything the last 3 said… i just had it too. a lobster roll should be 95% lobster and 5% butter or other yummy fat.

  • I think I may have been one of the first to order it today and when I saw them go into the back and bring out about 10 premade wraps, I immediately said “uh ohhhhh”. So you can add another “what Chip Beef said” from me. All in all I did “like” it I guess, but the f-ing onions destroyed any chance of tasting lobster.

  • yeh, the onions totally overpowered cloppy, errrr i mean the lobster

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    I saw sushiburger’s comments about it being a wrap, and asked for it on a roll. It was tasty and fresh, but didnt really qualify as a lobster roll. I’m not sure the roll improved it at all either since that was just abother thing drowning out the lobster.

    Expect a corn salad sandwich w/ a little lobster as a garnish.

  • oh and one other thing…. by the time i was done with the “roll” its self, half of the contents fell into the tupperware. haha

    ok, enough bad comments about these guys.

  • Thanks to the early adopters I asked for my lobster on an actual roll and they obliged and had a chuckle ‘ one lobster roll on a roll ‘ – it was just ok, very meh: it is really a lobsterish salad on a roll (or wrap) and the lobster meat (what little there is of it) is totally overpowered by the onions.

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