Channel Four Joins Sandwich Challenge With A “Bacon Implosion”

It’s official! This just in from Chef David Conn, from Channel Four (on 48th btw. 5+6th): “Starting this Friday (5/22), Bacon Implosion Sandwich: Two slices of our smoked, pork filled Implosion grilled and topped with green tomato chow chow relish and served with house fried spicy potato chips. $9.95″ Whoever said it was time to retire the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge was clearly a crazy person!


  • I gotta say I am on Weight Watchers and my good food experience is vicarious… but MAN is this tempting!

  • I’m excited!

    …and scared.


  • Yes Zach you are a crazy person.

  • Guess where I’m eating lunch tomorrow? That’s probably the best way to start off the holiday weekend I can imagine!

  • So it’s two thin slices and some chips for $10? Is there even a bun in there?
    Is anyone else thinking this is a rip off? I mean how much do potato chips and bacon cost?

    You’ve all been duped by the siren’s call of bacon.

  • It’s definitely on bread, because it’s a sandwich. I think he just forgot to mention it in the description. I’m going to withhold judgement until I actually try the thing… early adopters feel free to report back in the comments tomorrow.

  • Alright, I can’t wait to see what this gastric monstrousity looks like. I hope it tastes as good as it sounds. Too bad I can’t hit it up tomorrow.

  • omg – there goes my diet… out the window

  • Not even a photo and Mamacita is already complaining it’s undersized… good god woman … can no amount of porking satisfy you?

  • I like how she’s assuming it’s already two THIN slices. Their sliders have thin slices. Maybe the sandwich will, maybe it won’t. If it’s too thin though, then I’d agree it probably not worth the 10. Might as well eat a bacon cheeseburger instead. ;P

  • Oh, it’s ON!!! Bring it!!! It’s already been buh-rought! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

  • T.C. the “thin slices” is THERE VERBIAGE. Not mine. See the original post from a few days ago. They are quoted there.

  • Mama’s turning bolshi…. Zach, give her a job.

  • I’m just cranky, it’s unbearably hot in my apartment right now, I’m on the top floor too, so all the heat is rising into my place. No AC unfortunately… uhg… sorry guys. I’ll be nice.

  • Poor Mama… you strip down and I’ll be right over a palm frond and some ice cold root beer.

  • Haha. Mama, I remembering reading thin for the sliders and the chef changing it up on certain days…serving it over garlic toast and it being more like of a snack item. This is the first mention of the sandwich? Don’t hate on the optimism of bacon explosion as sandwich to being meatier pieces. Maybe a little too optimistic. Oh well. ;)

    Stay Cool! How about a long brisk walk around your lcoal supermarket?

  • Well, did anyone try it?!? Was it amazingly porkarific?? Did anyone squeal like a piggy?

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    “Explosively Delicious”

  • I tried this today. It was tasty, but not explosive. There wasn’t a lot of meat in the sandwich. I got a coke with it. The coke was $4! What a ripoff. Take the sandwich to-go.

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