Men’s Journal is the First to Try Channel 4′s Bacon Explosion

Mens Journal becomes the first blog to actually try the Channel Four bacon explosion, and files this report. They also break the news that the chef is working on a sandwich version for the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.  Hello! More on this, coming soon. Related: All Bacon Explosion posts on Midtown Lunch.


  • 1st, Love all the Shout-outs to Mid-Town Lunch! Go, Zach, go!!! 2nd, I insist, NAY, DEMAND, that you (with Harry in tow) try this $9.95 Bacon Explosion. As I have mentioned, here and my own blog, my obesity has caused me to diet… hence, I live vicariously via Mid-Town Lunch and lately Feisty Foody. (Go Yvo!). I must have a reports, with food Pron pics please.

  • From the Wiki Entry:

    After preparing a version of the dish, Andrew Vennari of the San Francisco Food Examiner said the dish tasted better than expected, “but I didn’t learn the true meaning of the bacon explosion until the next day.”


  • Nice shout out “organized by New York’s best bargain food blog”

  • Alright, bring on the heart-attack on bread!

  • lol love the shout out in comments, thanks Apikoros!

    And yes, we need visual proof from some ML’er… no, forget that, it has to be you, Zach. Sorry. If you can do it on a high holy holiday, even better :)

  • Actually, if it’s available for dinner,… I’m down.

  • “Conn serves the explosion in two moderation-friendly slices”.
    It seems like an oxymoron…Moderation and Bacon Explosion.

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