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Two Buck Brisket Sliders & Chili Truck Reminder

So much cheap food truck action today!  If you’re not scoring free lunch from Mastercard, don’t forget that the Rachael Ray’s “Two Buck Truck” will be parked on Vanderbilt btw. 42+43rd today from 1pm, selling both brisket sliders and chili for just $2 (you get both for two dollars.) Insist on paying full price for your food truck lunch? Papa Perrone, Eddie’s Pizza, Comme Ci Comme Ca, Luke’s Lobster, Big D’s Grub Truck, Taim Mobile, Korilla, Coolhaus, Bian Dang, and Gorilla Cheese are all on the ML Twitter Tracker today.

Street Meat Palooza Champ is on 36th & B’way Today

03_Comme Ci Comme CaIn case you missed it the results from Street Meat Palooza 4 were released yesterday and the winner is parked on 36th & Broadway today.  (And second place is parked on 51st & Park.)  Also on the ML Twitter Tracker today… Crisp on Wheels is on 46th btw. 5+6th, Tri Tip Grill is serving a fish sandwich with waffle fries for $8, Kimchi Truck is on 46th & Lex, Eggstravaganza is offering up their best cure for a hangover on 52nd & Park, Bian Dang is on 46th & Vanderbilt, Wafels & Dinges has a truck on 49th & 3rd and a cart on 52nd btw. 6+7th, Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck is on 46th btw. 5+6th, Big D’s Grub Truck is on 53rd & Lex, and Gorilla Cheese is on 47th & Park.

Support Korilla BBQ Truck via Twitter

Korilla BBQShow of hands – who’s a fan of the Korilla BBQ truck? And who’s active on twitter? Both hands raised? Good. As we now know, Korilla has made it through to the final rounds of competition on The Great Food Truck Race, and anyone who wants to show support to Korilla BBQ can do so by adding a #greatfoodtruckrace hash tag any time you mention @KorillaBBQ in your tweets. So support your home town team and get to tweetin’ people!

Kimchi Truck Finally Comes to Midtown Today

The ML Twitter Tracker has brought some especially great news today… the long awaited Kimchi Truck, which has been spending a lot of time Downtown and in LIC since its launch last week, will be parked on 52nd and 6th today.  Curious what it’s like?  Our Downtown site posted a first look at the truck on Monday. Not in the mood for kimchi tacos? Papa Perrone is back on 55th and serving pizza rustica for lent will have pizza rustica soon (but not today), Taim Mobile is on 51st btw. 6+7th, Rickshaw is on 50th btw. 6+7th, Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 55th and Lex, Eddie’s Pizza is on 46th and 6th, and Sweetery is on 52nd and Lex.

The Sabich Has Come to Midtown

The Taim Mobile Truck is running a bit late this morning, but they’ll be on 51st btw. 6+7th and have told us they will be serving the sabich!!! Also on the ML Twitter Tracker today (which you’ll want to check for updates before heading out), Eddies Pizza is on 46th w/ Hawaiian pie, chicken and meatball parms, Eggstravaganza is serving a Mexican grilled cheese, Cupcake Stop is on 58th, Treats Truck is on 46th, and Rickshaw is on 50th. Finally, our condolences go out to the crew of the Sweetery Truck. Samira’s mom passed away yesterday so they won’t be on the streets today. Our thoughts go out to their whole family…

Free $5 Gift Cards; Free Chips and Salsa

Here are some tidbits from the ML Twitter Tracker and beyond… Rickshaw is near Columbus Circle, Steak Truck is on 46th, Eddie’s Pizza is on 46th, Pizza by Certe has handmade pasta, Cupcake Stop is on 58th, Frites n Meats is on 46th, Street Sweets is on 52nd, Wafels and Dinges is on 47th, Comme Ca is on 55th, Papa Perrone should be back on 55th, and we’re hearing that the first 200 customers at both locations of Crisp today will receive $5 gift cards. And Oaxaca is giving away free chips and salsa to anybody who orders delivery and says the phrase “Umbrella Savings”.

One More Day For the Supplemental Twitter Tracker

We’re putting the finishing touches on the new ML Twitter Tracker (it’s been broken since the authpocalypse last week), and it should be up and running tomorrow.  Until then, here’s what’s going on on twitter this morning…  Schnitzel & Things is on 46th btw. 5+6th, Street Sweets is on Park and 53rd giving away free stuff in a special black and white truck until 4pm (but you already knew that), Cupcake Stop is on 40th and 5th, Frites N Meats is on 52nd and Park, Billy “Mister Softee” Gunz is on 39th and B’way, Quick Stop Kosher is on 33rd and 9th, and 4Food is officially open for business today.  And for the Flatiron Lunchers… Pizza Truck NYC is on 28th and B’way and NYC Cravings is on 24th btw Park+Madison.  We’ll update this post as more info comes in. UPDATES: Rickshaw is on 52nd and Lex as well, and the Treats Truck is on 38th and 5th.

Supplemental Twitter Tracker

Rest assured we have computer nerds working around the clock to fix the broken ML Twitter Tracker (ok, more like one nerd spent 15 minutes last night and hasn’t been able to fix it.) While we try to sort that out, here’s everything you need to know… NYC Cravings is on 53rd btw. Park+Lex, Joyride is on 52nd and 6th, Frites N Meats is on Park btw. 26+27th, Eddie’s Pizza Truck is on 55th and Park, Eggstravaganza is on 52nd and Park, Wafels & Dinges is on 46th btw. 5+6th, and QBA Kitchen is hoping to be on 44th and 5th at 12:30pm. We’ll update this post as more info comes in…  UPDATES: Quick Stop Kosher is on 33rd and 9th in front of B&H.  And Miss Softee is on her way to 44th and 6th with “cinnamon bun” cones.

Twitter Tracker Alternative

Because of yesterday’s oauthcalypse the ML Twitter Tracker is on the fritz… but here is what we know so far today. QBA Kitchen will be on 44th btw. 5+6th is on 47th btw. Park+5th, Rickshaw is on 57th & 8th, Mexicue is on 52nd and Park, Eddie’s Pizza is on 52nd and 6th, Street Sweets is on 52nd and Lex, and Cupcake Stop is on 58th and 8th. We’ll update this post as more info comes in. (And if there are any oauth experts out there, looking for some freelance work, email us!)

If You Aren’t Using the Twitter Tracker You’re Missing Out (Today the Dutchy is Closed & Maoz Won’t Open Until 1pm)

Just a friendly reminder for those who aren’t using Midtown Lunch to its full potential… you can follow a ton of Midtown Lunch spots on Twitter yourself, or you can make it easy and use the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker.  You might have noticed on most days, just before Noon, we remind you about it. But the ML Twitter Tracker is available all the time via a link on the right hand side bar.  It conveniently shows you an up to date stream of what all the Midtown Lunch spots on Twitter (not just trucks and carts) are saying- and the best part is, it’s not effected by your work’s ban on Twitter.  On the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker today… Treats Truck is on 45th, Joyride is on 52nd, Rickshaw is on 45th, Frites N Meats is on 48th, Schnitzel is on 52nd, Street Sweets will be on Park after 11am, Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd, Crisp is offering a coupon, Papa Perrone is on 55th, Jamaican Dutchy is closed, and Maoz will not open until 1pm for maintenance.  But, as always, you’ll want to check the Twitter Tracker yourself before heading out to see if anything has been added since we posted this… enjoy!