If You Aren’t Using the Twitter Tracker You’re Missing Out (Today the Dutchy is Closed & Maoz Won’t Open Until 1pm)

Just a friendly reminder for those who aren’t using Midtown Lunch to its full potential… you can follow a ton of Midtown Lunch spots on Twitter yourself, or you can make it easy and use the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker.  You might have noticed on most days, just before Noon, we remind you about it. But the ML Twitter Tracker is available all the time via a link on the right hand side bar.  It conveniently shows you an up to date stream of what all the Midtown Lunch spots on Twitter (not just trucks and carts) are saying- and the best part is, it’s not effected by your work’s ban on Twitter.  On the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker today… Treats Truck is on 45th, Joyride is on 52nd, Rickshaw is on 45th, Frites N Meats is on 48th, Schnitzel is on 52nd, Street Sweets will be on Park after 11am, Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd, Crisp is offering a coupon, Papa Perrone is on 55th, Jamaican Dutchy is closed, and Maoz will not open until 1pm for maintenance.  But, as always, you’ll want to check the Twitter Tracker yourself before heading out to see if anything has been added since we posted this… enjoy!

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