Kimchi Truck Finally Comes to Midtown Today

The ML Twitter Tracker has brought some especially great news today… the long awaited Kimchi Truck, which has been spending a lot of time Downtown and in LIC since its launch last week, will be parked on 52nd and 6th today.  Curious what it’s like?  Our Downtown site posted a first look at the truck on Monday. Not in the mood for kimchi tacos? Papa Perrone is back on 55th and serving pizza rustica for lent will have pizza rustica soon (but not today), Taim Mobile is on 51st btw. 6+7th, Rickshaw is on 50th btw. 6+7th, Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 55th and Lex, Eddie’s Pizza is on 46th and 6th, and Sweetery is on 52nd and Lex.


  • Gave KimchiTaco a shot. Got there a touch after 12, and the line was already around 35 people deep. Reluctantly got into line and waited about 35 min. to order (with the help of a few who were in line, but ultimately balked at waiting that long for street meat). Ordered the Beef/Kimchi bowl, and waited maybe another 10 min for the order. if you’re ordering the tacos, you’re waiting an extra 5-10 min.

    Overall? Meh. beef was a little try, and flavor was okay. I dont see the purpose of the pico, and i feel like they kinda skimp on the kimchi (c’mon, you’re called the KIMCHI taco truck). I’m tempted to say the best part of it was the sauce they include with each meal. Also, I got my bowl with white rice, which all came in a cardboard box container, meaning the rice stuck to the container, and the juices started to penetrate the box, making it slightly soggy.

    i’ll cut them some slack, since they are still really new. as of right now, Korilla is the much better option. i just wish they would park in this spot instead of making me trek to 55th and lex!

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    It looks like they are giving away free taco’s by the size of the line and crow around.

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    I got there about 11:50 and there were already about 15 people in line. Ended up getting my food about 12:30, but I had a pretty big order. By the time I left, it looked like around 50 in the line.

    As mentioned in the first review post, the tortillas weren’t all that great, and the beef was a little chewy. The tofu/edamame falafel taco was the winner for me – really great flavor.

    Overall, promising, but not quite there yet. Not sure if it was worth the long wait in the cold. Here’s hoping they try different tortillas.

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    Ordered 1 of each protein for the tacos. Cons: Echoing earlier comments, the tortillas were pretty dry and prone to breakage. The beef was pretty dry and chewy. Pork and chicken were an improvement, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell the two meats apart. Pros: Super stinky ripe kimchi. Though it might be on the bit of the salty side for some, it was definitely pungent and delicious. I do not recommend eating this at your workstation. The cheesesteak (i ordered the beef) was delicious. The beef that they used was completely different from the taco mixture. Frankly, they would be better off putting in the cheesesteak filling into the tacos. I would definitely come back for the sandwich alone.

  • Yea- the menu mentioned that the taco beef is shortrib, so i’m thinking its more like kalbi, and the bowl and sandwich is more like bulgogi. my coworker got the tacos, with beef. and they were similarly dry.

  • OK, I was not impressed. I was so excited for this truck, having tried Korilla and loved it.

    I ordered the Beef, Chicken and Falafel taco.

    I like the idea that you can mix it up, you can’t do that at Korilla. Now for the bad news, sorry guys, the only thing you had right was the kimchi and the pico. The beef was too cubed up and dry. The chicken was extremely dry, and barely had any taste or seasonings.
    The falafel I thought was not bad but I could not taste the edamame, the tofu was there? i think and the chickpeas were the only ones present, I saw fennel and corriander in the falafel which i thought was good, but needs to be ground up guys! I do not want to eat whole fennel and corriander seeds! I cook with lots of spices at home, and I always use my mortar and pestel so someone doesn’t bite into a whole seed…
    Bottomline – sorry guys, KORILLA has a one up on you, more kimchi options and a korilla special sauce (mayo based, probably an aioli of sorts).
    If you are going to try them, I would order the beef or do the cheesteak option since some people have better luck with that.

    To make it short:
    1. Good Pico
    2. Good Kimchi (fishy and yummy but not enough)
    3. Short line – prob because it was parked at 46&lex.

    1. Tacos were too soggy/dry and broke after 2 bites (u need to invest in better quality, these are the cheap ones!)
    2. Meats: very dry, and lacked seasoning!
    3. Sauce: was very very watery and only made the taco break easily. Almost had no taste. Please make a thicker sauce. Or incorporate the sauce flavor in the meats.

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