Geraldo Eats at Margon; Brian Williams at Sacco

Margon, Midtown NYC
Is that Geraldo?!

Today’s New York Post has a great article asking “celebrities” (some more than others) who work in Midtown where their go-to lunch spots are. There are some boringly obvious answers (Donald Trump eats at the Trump Grill, Dave Letterman eats at the Hello Deli, and the owner of the 2nd Ave Deli eats at… the 2nd Ave Deli) but there’s also some kind of great ones. For example, Brian Williams eats at Sacco- a pizza place on 9th Ave. that Slice, coincidentally enough, just posted about. And Geraldo Rivera eats at Midtown Lunch fave Margon (on 46th btw. 6+7th). “They make this incredible sandwich with shredded pork, lettuce, pickles — it literally has all the major food groups covered.” Hard to argue with that…


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