The Really Early Word on Kyochon

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Photos Courtesy of ML Correspondent “Ultraclay”

While we were urging people to give Kyochon some space yesterday, Eater was doing the opposite- posting a Good/News bad news about the chain on their first day of lunch service that seemed to fall mostly on the bad news side.  Is this the case of a chain breaking off a bit more than they can chew? (The new K-Town location is the largest location they’ve attempted to open in the U.S.) Or do they just need some time to get the place operating properly?  One thing is for sure, they spent far more time planning out the decor than training their staff on how to handle a lunch rush.

More photos of the Day 1 weekday lunch, are after the jump…

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Cast Your Judgements on Kyochon Now That It’s Open For Lunch (That’s Right… You Read That Correctly)


  • that egg table is awesome.

  • I wholeheartedly agree. All that’s missing are chairs in the shape of hot sauce bottles.

  • Damn the long lines.
    And the design almost remidns me of ING Cafe with the orange…

  • TOTALLY! I couldnt put my finger on it.

  • so woorijip had fried chicken wings today in the buffet. they were big, juicy, and had that exact korean crispness (but not the sweet/hot glaze).

    the lady in front of me was filling a box with wings, which i though was obnoxious, but when I got back to the office, I thought, damn, I should have filled a box like that lady. wings + kimchi + rice = happy

  • sorry, the point of my comment above was to smugly point out that I didn’t wait in line for korean-style chicken wings at kyochon.

  • my god, is kyochon suddenly the only eatery in Manhattan? Enough already–it is not the second coming of Jesus with korean-fried manna, it is not even all that great fried chicken by all reports, and the prices/portions and waiting apparently suck too. I’ll be back when the daily kyochon postings are over–maybe. I have a suspicion that ML has jumped the shark.

  • Ok…
    1. I went to Kyochon at 12AM on Saturday morning.
    B. Portions are WAY too small.
    3. Pricey!
    Q. The hot wings were REALLY hot (me like)
    11teen. Anybody tried Mad for Chicken across the street?


  • I’m excited about Kyochon because the only Korean Fried Chicken I’ve had so far has been at MFC. It’s wonderful, but it takes way too long to get your food. I can deal with lingering there for an hour to get my chicken after work when I can go through several beers, but that just doesn’t work during the lunch hour.

    After the crowds die down, I’ll definitely be all over it and Bon Chon when they open up.

  • Yeah, this place has become the cupcakes of chicken. Enough already… March Madness, the spicy chicken version.

  • i’ve had all 3, bon chon, kyochon and MFC; but all out in queens. and i must say, Kyochon was the worst of the 3. i agree with an above commenter that the hot was REALLY hot though. but bon chon and MFC are right there with one another- probably because MFC “stole” bon chon’s recipe.

  • I’ve only had Kyochon years ago in LA’s Koreatown. I may still be waiting on some of my food. I’ll echo others that Kyochon’s spiciness is its best asset.

    I much prefer Mad For Chicken or Baden Baden. For me KFC is bar food, and no Mork and Mindy decorating theme is going to change that.

  • Hahah! I do love the Mork & Mindy theme. It makes me want to yell Shazbot when I walk in.

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