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30% Off Cipriani Take Out: Today's Blackboard Eats email deal is a good one for Midtown Lunchers... get 30% off catering, breakfast or lunch from Cipriani Le Specialità (on 42nd btw. Mad+Park) across from Grand Central. This take out arm of the Cipriani empire is a bit to fancy to qualify as a true Midtown Lunch, but 30% off puts in right in the price range.

Healthy Vegetarian Cart Now 99% Vegetarian

99% Vegetarian Food Cart

Yesterday, as promised, I hit up the Famous Halal Guys and the Healthy Vegetarian Cart (both on 52nd btw. 6+7th) for a mashup platter and I discovered that the Vegetarian Cart is now sporting a 99% vegetarian food sign in recognition of their brand new grilled chicken lunch special. Yes, the vegetarians are now serving chicken…real chicken.

But before we get distracted by what to call a “vegetarian” cart that serves meat, let’s talk chili/street meat mashup…

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NYC Cravings Adds Shumai & Other Rainy Day Updates

It’s pretty sloppy out, but not sloppy enough to keep the NYC Cravings Truck from debuting their new menu item today… pork shumai!  Apparently they are meatier than the Cravings’ dumplings- which were pulled from the Midtown menu months ago.  They’re parked on 53rd btw. Lex+Park today, 4 dumplings cost $3.  In other street vendor news (all available on our Twitter Tracker) Jamaican Dutchy is on 51st and 7th and Jiannetto’s is on 47th.  Papa Perrone tried to make it ih with their peppers and onions, but it sounds like they failed.  Also on the fail list: Wafels & Dinges, Street Sweets, the Treats Truck, and Schnitzel and Things are all taking the day off.

Last Chance For Chubby Chinese Girl

Only two days left to score yourself a Chubby Chinese Girl from Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th). Next week they’ll debut their new March sandwich, the “Banh Mi Buffalo Sandwich”: Unbreaded on the bone chicken fried until the skin is crispy, then placed on the grill to cook through. Once cooked thorough, the meat will be stripped from bone and mixed in Frank’s Hot Sauce, clarified butter and a touch of honey, and a few jalapeno seeds (?!?)  This could be interesting.  The sandwich was submitted by Matthew, who got to test the thing out yesterday. UPDATE IN THE COMMENTS: You will still be able to get the Chubby Chinese Girl as one of Cer Te’s Thursday sandwich specials.

Cer Te Hits Pay Dirt Again With Chubby “Vietnamese” Sandwich
Cer Te Picks Sandwich Challenge Winners!

99 Cent Latte Alert: If you take the subway to work in the morning you may have seen ads that Dunkin Donuts is running their "any small latte for 99 cents" deal again. I tested it out at the Rock Center DD and they are running the promo (Although initially they charged me the full price, until I said something.)

Serious Eats Finds the Real Pizzacones Just South of Midtown

I know we have a few Midtown Lunchers stuck outside the official boundaries in that no man’s land between Midtown and Chelsea in the high 20s low 30s between 8th and 10th Ave.  Lunch’er Jamie (who now runs our Philly site) used to work over there… and thankfully so do the folks over at Serious Eats!  They just posted about the amazingly delicious looking, and surprisingly ML friendly Ovest Pizzoteca (on 27th btw. 10+11th) which not only has some delicious looking under $10 pizzas and lunch specials, but also their own version of the pizzacone (and it looks far better than this!)  You didn’t think we’d go the whole day without a single pizzacone mention, did you?

Luncher Stalker: Yesterday was Profiled Midtown Lunch'er day on ML, and if Kosher Amy wasn't enough for you, you might want to check out Downtown Lunch'er "Erin" (a former Midtown Lunch'er herself!) There's also Philly Lunch'er "Matt" and L.A. Lunch'er "Nina"... you know, if you're super bored at work and feel like being a bit voyeuristic.

Jack’s 99 Cent Store to Duane Reade: Our Sushi is Cheaper Than Your Sushi!


Dear God,

Hello, it’s me Mamacita. I know I haven’t been the best lamb in your flock these past few years. In fact, I think I ate some of the flock over rice with white sauce recently. Nevertheless, I ask you now to stand beside me and guide me through this fishy situation. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no fish; for thy stomach pump and Immodium A-D are with me.

Last week everybody was talking Duane Reade sushi.  But that is child’s play when compared to this challenge. Yes, I am facing this thing we humans call Jack’s $1.99 sushi rolls. People can talk all they want about it, but it is time someone put their roll where their mouth is. How can such an abomination exist and at such a low price? Such dubious consumables are not meant for this world. I can’t answer such an existential question, I can only follow my destiny: to be the cheap and hungry girl that eats the stuff no sane person would touch. So be it. I’m sailing the ship called Jack’s 99 Cent Store and it’s a one-way ticket to the porcelain gods. So here I go.

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Snow Warning & Free Soda Alert: Schnitzel & Things is in the Flatiron today and warns that the coming snow might keep them off the street Thurs & Friday (i.e. go today!) Also on the ML Twitter Tracker, Street Sweets is on 50th, Rickshaw is in Columbus Circle, Cupcakes is on 60th, and get a free soda at all Goodburger locations today when you mention twitter.

Michelle’s Kitchen Opens Restaurant on 46th

Roving blogger Dave Cook, from Eating in Translation, spent Monday wandering around Midtown and discovered a new potential lunch’ing spot.  Michelle’s Kitchen, the Upper East Side catering company, has opened Michelle’s Restaurant on 46th Street btw. 5+6th.  They claim to be a French/Belgium hybrid specializing in sandwiches, hot food, and sides (although today they have lasagna and penne, so I guess we should throw Italian in there too.)  A lot of the hot food might be just out of the Midtown Lunch price range, but according to Dave all the sandwiches are right in the Midtown Lunch sweet spot.  Anybody been yet?  Let us know how it is in the comments.

Michelle’s Restaurant, 9 W. 46th St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-302-6322