NYC Cravings Adds Shumai & Other Rainy Day Updates

It’s pretty sloppy out, but not sloppy enough to keep the NYC Cravings Truck from debuting their new menu item today… pork shumai!  Apparently they are meatier than the Cravings’ dumplings- which were pulled from the Midtown menu months ago.  They’re parked on 53rd btw. Lex+Park today, 4 dumplings cost $3.  In other street vendor news (all available on our Twitter Tracker) Jamaican Dutchy is on 51st and 7th and Jiannetto’s is on 47th.  Papa Perrone tried to make it ih with their peppers and onions, but it sounds like they failed.  Also on the fail list: Wafels & Dinges, Street Sweets, the Treats Truck, and Schnitzel and Things are all taking the day off.


  • Wait, what??? Cravings discontinued dumplings? I got a batch for free out of pity (In their mind, I was the homeless guy with the dog heh) and have been meaning to hit them up for more!

  • They didn’t discontinue them… they just weren’t selling them in Midtown for a long time.

  • lol…goats, you are indeed a perfect candidate for feral lunch. Before the event, don’t forget not to shave, shower or change for a couple weeks at least.

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    They never stopped selling them. I just bought them this past Monday on 6th ave & 48th st.


  • @joe – you’re right… they are selling the dumplings again (but they had stopped selling them for awhile just in Midtown)

  • Did the bring the wings back yet? There’s just so much porken I can it… a man has to satisfy his wings cravings somehow.

  • Maybe they had dumplings b/c I caught them on 24th between mad and park, back in the late fall. I wasn’t dressed “homeless” as much as I kept walking back and forth in front of the truck with Max. I had no cash, and muttered it out loud–intentionally—heh. As we walked away, they called me back and asked if I wanted a “free sample” since they were shutting down. Of course, I could not refuse their generosity.

    But yes, I am definitely the Feral Lunch guy!

  • Goats, keeping it classy! ;-P

  • Goats–keeping it frugal and cheap, in addition to classy! LOL

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