Cer Te Picks Sandwich Challenge Winners!

Two weeks ago, Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th) challenged the Midtown Lunch community to come up with special sandwich ideas for each of the next three months. (Cer Te has had a “special sandwich” every month since we launched the ML Sandwich Challenge last January.) Well… they got a ton of entries, and after careful consideration here are the three winners!

February: Warm, Soft, Crust baguette holding tender orange coated roasted duck meat slices with cilantro, a bit of hoisin sauce and a dab of chili, topped with cucumber and pickled radish strips (Submitted by Lunch’er Cindy aka ChubbyChineseGirl)

March and April are after the jump…

March: Bahn Mi Buffalo Sandwich Chicken meat fried to crisp skin not breaded then placed on grill. Once cooked thorough strip meat from bone and mix in Frank’s Hot Sauce, clarified butter and a touch of honey, and a few jalapeno seeds (Submitted by Lunch’er Matthew)

April: Chicken Potato Skin Fried Chicken Cutlet, melted cheddar, bacon, potatoes, chives (Submitted by Josh)

Nice!  Congrats to all the winners, and Cer Te wanted me to let you know that if these sandwiches are a success they will continue to pick sandwiches in the months to come- so keeping sending them in.


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