PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Harry”

Every Tuesday I turn over the site to a different Midtown Lunch’er for his or her recommendations for the best lunch in Midtown. This week, meet Harry- an IT guy who hates tofu and wishes he worked in Greece (or at least could find a decent gyro in Midtown.)

Name: Harry

Age: 32

Occupation: IT Manager

Where in Midtown do you Work?: Madison in the 50′s

Favorite Kind of Food: Burgers, fries, greasy, organic, sausages, seafood, bacon, eggs, flat noodles, spicy, BBQ, Greek, Mexican, South American, and anything else that tastes good.

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Tofu and other forms of mush. Anything with the word “curd” in it. Uni sushi.

Favorite Place(s) to Eat Lunch in Midtown: Burger with the works at Goodburger (multiple locations). Two meat platter (steak and sausage) at Carnegie John’s (on 56th and 7th). Anything at the Hallo Berlin Cart (on 54th & 5th). Salads with fried chicken and Tex-Mex Ranch dressing at Chopt. Braised Beef Noodle Soup at Pearls (7th Bet. 48+49). Pearls is a hidden gem discovered by my old boss. Korean dishes and the salad bar at Café Duke (on 51st btw. 6+7th). Especially the Thursday Korean special (Spicy Chicken stew). Whole Foods (Columbus Circle).

“Go-To” Lunch Place You and Your Coworkers Eat at Too Often? Goodburger, Chopt, Prince Pizza (Lex bet. 54 + 55) which is another hidden gem not related to the “Prince Pizza” chain. Tacos/Burritos Cart (54th & Madison), Teriyaki Boy

Place(s) you discovered thanks to Midtown Lunch? Goodburger, Five Guys (on 55th btw. 5+6th), Biryani Cart (on 46th and 6th), Kanaat (on 55th btw. Lex+3rd), Korea Palace, Fried Chicken Cart (55th btw. Mad+5th), Dessert Truck (on 55th & Lex), Free Foods NYC (two locations), Tuscany Catering (on 55th btw. 5+6th), Certe (on 55th btw. 5+6th), El Rey del Sabor (two locations), 100% Healthy & Halal Cart (on 55th and Park)

If you could work anywhere (just because of the lunch) where would it be and why? 7th Ave. in the 50’s. It’s a little more central and gives me access to the 8th and 9th Ave. spots (Pluck U, Papasito, Old San Juan, and Island Burger). Or Santorini, Greece. The food is amazingly fresh, and it’s the most beautiful place I have ever been to.

Is there anything you’d like to ask the Midtown Lunch readers? It is shocking that in a city with so much Greek influence, there aren’t more good Greek midtown lunches. Where can I go for a real Greek gyro in midtown? And I don’t mean Halal carts or crap like Gyro 2 (on 7th btw. 33+34th).

I have to say, I completely agree with you about the gyro thing.  There is not a single cheap option in Midtown for a real Greek gyro… unless something has changed since this was posted. Anybody have a new suggestion? Put it in the comments… and as always if you want to be next week’s Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er (or know somebody you’d like to nominate), email me at


  • Dude…for Greek, Uncle Nick’s is the best. And their lunch prices are VERY reasonable for the quality of food they serve. It’s a little far to the West (9th and 50th), but very worth it when you have the extra time. Just hop on the E over to 50th and enjoy. Jeez, this sounds like a shill but Zach will investigate to see that there’s no way it is. I just get passionate about some things that I love (i.e. the Big Mac).

  • Totally agree.. Uncle Nick’s is awesome. But it’s a little far for most lunchers and it’s a sit down restaurant. It still amazes me you can’t get a real fast food gyro in Midtown

  • I just have to mention Poseiden Bakery on 9th bet 44th and 45.
    Truly amazing. The last place in NYC to make their own phylo dough.
    spanikopita, baklava, that type of thing.

  • I think Harry is adorable and I have a fabulous Greek girl for him. Email me if you are interested, she is 28, Greek, and fab!! Hoopa!

  • I second the thought about Poseidon bakery. While you’re there, just ask the owners where to get Greek food around Midtown.

  • I walked by the Poseidon bakery after closing one night and was captivated by the delicious aromas. Can’t wait to actually eat something from there.

  • Harry seems like a good person to eat with. Greek food! Burgers! Eggs and Bacon!
    “Spicy” and “greasy” as it’s own category of food, LOL!

    My only question is: Harry can you hook me up with photoshop software?

  • Now available in gyro flavor!!

  • Yes, Poseiden Bakery is the jam. Don’t know about gyros though.

  • Harry, You had me until you said Terriyaki Boy. LOL

    I love that you covered “South American” cuisine!

    Sorry, I have no gyro recomendations.

    @Walgreens Sandwich- LMFAO

  • @DDR oh yeah… I’ll totally vouch for posieden as well. Got $20 of stuff there a few weekends ago and it is the straight up business! No gyros though… So sad


  • Hi everyone. Thanks Zach for asking me to participate. I love your site, and as you can see I take many of the recommendations. Certe has been an amazing discovery for me. Anyway…

    I’ve seen Uncle Nicks. I’ve always been skeptical about it. Partly because of the price, and partly because of cynicism of overpriced Greek food in midtown. I’m going to have to try it.

    The Poseidon Bakery tip is interesting. I’ve never noticed it. I’ll have to check it out. I can’t believe they make their own phylo. That’s VERY time consuming.

    @Jennifer. Unfortunately for your friend, I am married and my wife will read this. :)

    @Mamacita, Thanks! I think spicy and greasy can be their own category. I like Mexican Spicy, Thai Spicy, Indian Spicy, Buffalo Wing Spicy, etc. The more fire, the better.

    Same sort of thing with greasy. It can be greasy burgers and fries, greasy lamb dishes, greasy fried chicken. I know many people like Popeyes on this site, but I am still a KFC original flavor evangelist. I love it when I get a piece of KFC original with the actual spices clumped up and a couple drops of oil coming out. That’s how you know it’s good. :)

  • @Monique, South and Central American are diverse (obviously). There’s Colombian, El Salvadorian, and Brazilian (which is very different). I have a tip for those of you on Long Island. There’s a Colombian diner called Pollos El Paisa on Old Country Road in Wesbury (near a KFC). That is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. I think it could qualify for Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. There are 3 dishes you must try if you go.

    The Mountain Platter: Steak or Ground Beef with rice, plantains, beans, a fried egg, a piece of avocado, and some rice cake thingy. This is what you must try if you’re only going once.

    The Cauldron of Seafood. It’s a bubbling pot of seafood in some sauce. It’s fantastic for seafood lovers.

    And their Whole Fried Fish. They have snapper and porgie. It’s a perfectly cooked and seasoned fried fish.

    There’s also another dish which is large shrimp drenched in sauce (BBQ?) on a large bed of rice. It’s delicious. My wife ordered it by accident once. I ate the entire thing.

    And their prices are amazing.

    @Mamacita: I forgot to mention… Unfortuately I don’t have photoshop. But my wife does. :)

  • ZACH: No coverage of the “All halal breaks loose” downtown food cart war that’s in today’s Post? I know it’s not midtown, but it *is* food carts and controversy!

  • Zach – you got $20 of goods from Poseidon and no post? We want a review. The people have spoken!

  • My dearest Harry:

    Indeed, you are aptly named, my friend. My wife’s laser hair removal salon could touch up your brows and take years off your appearance. You might even look 31 again!

    I am,however, impressed by your culinary range and your distaste for tofu.

    Just a note: it is neigh impossible to get outstanding, authentic Greek gyros ANYWHERE in the US, save Charleston or Mobile. You New Yawkers are not alone in this, sadly.

  • @Harry, thank you for defending the honor of KFC original recipe. As much as I love Popeyes spicy fried chicken, there is something about the dripping spicy grease off a piece of an original recipe thigh or drumstrick that just can’t be beat.

    Any opinions on the new KFC original recipe roasted chicken? I’ll try it but I anticipate being disappointed.

  • With a grin like that….did you play the joker in the dark knight?

  • d@mn it all … I excitedly rushed to ML to read up on the latest freak of the week – errr – “Profiled Midtown Luncher”…. I actually first thought that strawberry shortcake was being profiled! Strawberry shortcake would make a fantastic profiled MLer.

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