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Grilled Shrimp Alert: via winedanddined: "You have to check out the new marinated grilled shrimp specials at 100% Halal & Healthy Cart (on 55th & Park). $7 & can be w/ salad or platter."  Oh yeah?  That could be interesting...

Fish & Chips Elevates 100% Halal Food Cart Above Its “Healthy” Counterpart


I’ve been wanting to try the “100% Halal Food” cart (on the SW corner of 54th & Park Ave.) for awhile now. Obviously it was the assortment of fried goods hovering above the standard halal chicken and lamb covered griddle that intrigued me, and after reading on Wined and Dined that it was owned by the same guy that runs 100% Halal & Healthy (on 55th btw. Park+Mad) I was sold.


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100% Halal & Healthy Owns 2nd Not So Healthy Cart: If you're not down with the "healthy" aspect of the "100% Halal & Healthy" cart (on 55th btw. Park+Mad), they own a second cart on 54th & Park that serves fried fish and fried shimp.  [Wined and Dined]

Clive Owen Has Been to the 100% Healthy & Halal Cart


The International starring Clive Owen opens today, and according to Lunch’er Leslie our favorite salad (and now sandwich) cart, 100% Healthy & Halal (on 55th & Park), makes an appearance at the end of the movie: “Just wanted to let you know that we here at Nation’s Restaurant News patronize the cart on a regular basis. The salads are great just as described. In fact, the cart can now be seen in the new movie ‘The International’ with Clive Owen. There is a small scene towards the end. I saw it last night and recognized Gamal. I asked him about it today. He was so nonchalent.”  It’s good to see they used what they shot with him in the finished film… the Daisy May’s cart never made the final cut of Don’t Mess With the Zohan.

Note: Surprisingly none of the official promotional stills for the movie contained our beloved halal cart (shocking right?) so I had to doctor up the one above. The fake photo in no way reflects on the accuracy of the story.  You probably think that this doesn’t need to be said, but the last time I used a fake photo to add a visual element to what was a true story, people loved pointing out that the photo was clearly fake (as if I was trying to pass it off as real.)

100% Healthy & Halal’s Kofta & Chicken Pita


One of the best parts about the Midtown Lunch Challenge is how many street vendors are getting in on the act.  There was El Rey Del Sabor’s spicy Mexican cheesesteak, I hear rumors that the Jamaican Dutchy is introducing two sandwiches today, the Biryani Cart has something in the works, and there is this… from the 100% Healthy and Halal Cart on the NW corner of 55th and Park.  You may remember this cart for making one of the few salads I will actually eat in Midtown, and now with the help of Wined and Dined, he’s created a special sandwich just for us.

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Greek Salad From a Cart May Be The Only Salad I’ll Eat


I’ve walked by this cart on 55th btw. Park+Madison many times, and each time was equal parts turned off and intrigued by the sign. What exactly is “healthy” street meat? Is that even possible? And what would it taste like? Well, last week the question was partly answered when a couple of commenters recommended the Greek salad topped with chicken from this very cart.

Now, if you read this blog regularly you know my feelings on salad. I generally can’t bring myself to do it. If I want to eat healthy, I’ll get a “salad style” bibimbap from Cafe Duke on 51st btw. 6+7th (that’s about as healthy as I’ll get). But salad from cart? Well that is kind of interesting. I think I could get away with that, without ruining my reputation… plus it’s a Greek salad- so you throw in some feta cheese and grape leaves, and this fat guy is ready to eat some greens!

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