100% Halal & Healthy Owns 2nd Not So Healthy Cart

If you’re not down with the “healthy” aspect of the “100% Halal & Healthy” cart (on 55th btw. Park+Mad), they own a second cart on 54th & Park that serves fried fish and fried shimp.  [Wined and Dined]


  • That cart on 54th has a suprisingly delicious falafel platter. Fish is pretty good as well, if a little greasy.

    And I’m sure I’ve waxed rhapsodically about the 55th and Park cart–Gamal is the closest thing we have to an in-building cafeteria.

  • The link for wined & dined links back to ML…

  • @Neil – Shit… sorry about that. Total accident. I just fixed it.

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