100% Healthy & Halal’s Kofta & Chicken Pita


One of the best parts about the Midtown Lunch Challenge is how many street vendors are getting in on the act.  There was El Rey Del Sabor’s spicy Mexican cheesesteak, I hear rumors that the Jamaican Dutchy is introducing two sandwiches today, the Biryani Cart has something in the works, and there is this… from the 100% Healthy and Halal Cart on the NW corner of 55th and Park.  You may remember this cart for making one of the few salads I will actually eat in Midtown, and now with the help of Wined and Dined, he’s created a special sandwich just for us.


Oh my.  Not the prettiest of the lot, but what do you expect?  It is truly the sum of its parts… kofta (a Middle Eastern ground beef patty with herbs and spices) , grilled chicken, grilled onions and peppers, your choice of cheese and sauces.  On Wined & Dined’s suggestion I selected the feta cheese, and topped the monstrosity with white sauce and their special homemade hot sauce (if you don’t specify, they’ll just give you tabasco.)

If you have to ask “was it good?”, well then- you don’t me at all.  Sure, it may lack the subtlety of say, a perfectly pastramied piece of duck, but what it lacks in finesse it surely makes up for in “whoa, jeebus- this thing is messy!”  In other words it tastes exactly the way you would imagine it would taste… so if that list of ingredients sounds good to you, you will certainly love tucking into this crazy pita.  And for $5, the price is oh so right.  If the thought of cart kofta and chicken with everything else under the sun stuffed into a pita isn’t appealing, this sandwich will not be the thing that changes your mind.

100% Halal & Healthy, NW corner of 55th & Park Ave.


  • And clearly this is 100% Healthy right ?

  • 100% saucy, if not healthy.

    Good, but more importantly, cheap.

  • Ben….there’s green stuff on the patties….so yes.

  • i’m going to get one now.

  • yeah, that looks blatantly “healthy” , ha ha

  • That’s a lovely hot white mess!

    YUMM-O!!!! (ha)

  • seriously, this midtown lunch challenge is GENIUS… i just had the thanksgiving dip – the cranberry sauce balances everything out perfectly (although they gave it on the side)… and they gave me enough gravy for about 6 servings of mashed potatoes.

  • I’m Dying to see what the dutchy comes up with.

  • The line at this cart has grown….was too long yesterday

  • …we could start the ‘What exactly is white sauce’ debate again.

  • 100% tasty and 10000% Messy
    My plan of attack for this bad boy… a knife and fork.

  • I was speaking with him a day or two ago about the new sandwich and how much I love that cart(I go 3-4 times a week usually get a salad w/ grilled chicken). He told me that he is getting new signs and adding some more special sandwiches to the menu. If this challenge makes 100% Halal and Healthy even better than it already has then I will be forever grateful.

  • Zach – STOP! My must-check-out lunch list has grown far bigger than the number of lunchtimes available in the foreseeable future, thanks to you. Just today I have added this and the new Sophie’s sammie. And I couldn’t make it to Bon Chon today (was thinking of stalking you there), so that’s still on the list too.

  • Just got the jerk chicken sandwich at the dutchy…omg its delicious

  • Set my phaser to “stunned”–yet another ML special is off the hook good.

  • I just finished inhaling the “GINO” from 100% – very tasty indeed, thanks Zach!

    @Ben – how much was that Dutchy sandwich?

  • Together with a can of soda it was $6. Not a gut-busting portion, but a filling sandwich and the sauce is spicy and so good!

  • duck pastrami yesterday. the gino today. life is good.

  • Tremendous…just went to said cart for the first time. ML Sandwich is great – the sauces and toppings were all very flavorful and the meats were great – go kofta!

    Not the biggest sandwich in the world, but plenty of meat and certainly worht the $5. I’ll be back for sure.

  • I know it’s early, but let me be the first to nominate Zach for Time magazine’s “Man o’ the Year.”

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