100% Healthy & Halal’s Kofta & Chicken Pita


One of the best parts about the Midtown Lunch Challenge is how many street vendors are getting in on the act.  There was El Rey Del Sabor’s spicy Mexican cheesesteak, I hear rumors that the Jamaican Dutchy is introducing two sandwiches today, the Biryani Cart has something in the works, and there is this… from the 100% Healthy and Halal Cart on the NW corner of 55th and Park.  You may remember this cart for making one of the few salads I will actually eat in Midtown, and now with the help of Wined and Dined, he’s created a special sandwich just for us.


Oh my.  Not the prettiest of the lot, but what do you expect?  It is truly the sum of its parts… kofta (a Middle Eastern ground beef patty with herbs and spices) , grilled chicken, grilled onions and peppers, your choice of cheese and sauces.  On Wined & Dined’s suggestion I selected the feta cheese, and topped the monstrosity with white sauce and their special homemade hot sauce (if you don’t specify, they’ll just give you tabasco.)

If you have to ask “was it good?”, well then- you don’t me at all.  Sure, it may lack the subtlety of say, a perfectly pastramied piece of duck, but what it lacks in finesse it surely makes up for in “whoa, jeebus- this thing is messy!”  In other words it tastes exactly the way you would imagine it would taste… so if that list of ingredients sounds good to you, you will certainly love tucking into this crazy pita.  And for $5, the price is oh so right.  If the thought of cart kofta and chicken with everything else under the sun stuffed into a pita isn’t appealing, this sandwich will not be the thing that changes your mind.

100% Halal & Healthy, NW corner of 55th & Park Ave.


  • I just tried this very sammich today. While I’m probably going to regret the decision in an hour or two, all I can say at the moment is: sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you. Utterly delicious.

  • sandwich lives up to the hype! i have now had the duck, the turkey and the kofta sandwiches this week. Thanks Big Zach- ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

  • I’ve had ML sandwiches every day this week (Certe, Free Foods, El Rey, Sophies, and now this). This sandwich like the rest was creative and delicious. I got it with feta, lettuce, tomato, white sauce, and a little hot sauce. The best thing that can be said about this sandwich is that it’s fresh. Every part of the sandwich is fresh. They also use good feta.

    The sandwich challenge has helped me find food that I otherwise wouldn’t have. This is like Zach’s own little restaurant week. Great idea and I appreciate it.

    One thing came to mind when I was walking up 55thst. The two blocks on 55th between 6th and Park might be the two best food blocks in the city. Think about the food options on this stretch (from east to west): 100% H&H, Pranzo truck (which I don’t like, but others do), grilled Hot Dog cart, fried chicken cart, Certe, 5 Guys, Menchanko Tei, Tuscany Catering. Those are all great options.

  • I got sick trying street food the first time I was in New York and haven’t tried any since. I just got back from vacation and realized I’m missing out on sooo much great stuff! The temptation is too great. I think I need to try out some of these sandwiches.

  • @ Harry – Definitely agree with you about 55th b/t park and 6th being unreal blocks for Midtown Lunch’ing.

  • this “sandwich rocked my socks” best halal sandwich ive had to date

  • I had the grilled combo today – chicken, kofta, lamb over brown rice with grilled veggies and homemade hot sauce today – best street meat experience of my life – and the cabbage was amazing, also grilled carrots – this will be my go to cart forever!

  • I hate tam jia min from eastview sec

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