Greek Salad From a Cart May Be The Only Salad I’ll Eat


I’ve walked by this cart on 55th btw. Park+Madison many times, and each time was equal parts turned off and intrigued by the sign. What exactly is “healthy” street meat? Is that even possible? And what would it taste like? Well, last week the question was partly answered when a couple of commenters recommended the Greek salad topped with chicken from this very cart.

Now, if you read this blog regularly you know my feelings on salad. I generally can’t bring myself to do it. If I want to eat healthy, I’ll get a “salad style” bibimbap from Cafe Duke on 51st btw. 6+7th (that’s about as healthy as I’ll get). But salad from cart? Well that is kind of interesting. I think I could get away with that, without ruining my reputation… plus it’s a Greek salad- so you throw in some feta cheese and grape leaves, and this fat guy is ready to eat some greens!


The Greek salad is $5, and comes with tomato, green peppers, onions, olives, and the part that makes me smile the most: feta and 2 grape leaves. For an extra $1 you can get grilled chicken, and for 50 cents more, a piece of pita bread (gotta have carbs with every meal, right?)  Obviously I went for the works (a total of $6.50).


It kind of worries me to say this (I don’t want you guys to think less of me) but this salad was really freakin’ good. They give you a ton of grilled chicken (two small breasts worth), the grape leaves are totally tasty, and the warm pita bread brings it all together. Obviously, I’d take more cheese, but for the price I’m not going to complain. I went with the “house” vinaigrette (the most popular choice) but they do have other options- including a few fat free dressing packets if you really want to get super healthy.  For me, eating the salad was enough.  I’ll take the regular dressing…

I would do a +/- but I don’t really have anything bad to say about this… except the obvious: “It’s a salad!” Thanks to “Wined & Dined” for the recommendation… for his comment, he’s the winner of the Broke Ass Stuart book.

100% Halal & Healthy Food, 55th Street btw. Mad+Park


  • wait a minute. what are you saying about two small breasts?

    in other news, this salad looks really friggin delicious. i should try it since all the other fatty foods i consume does a number on my waistline. in this economy its cheaper to slim down with salad than to buy new jeans.

  • Do they have a healthy version of lamb gyro? Does such a thing even exist?

  • You do realise that what you are consuming there is lettuce which is basically water. So for all the moaning and bitching you just did about “eating a salad” you may as well have been eating shredded paper for the nutritional value in that.

  • glad you like the salad…it’s my go-to lunch about 3 days a week. not a bad philly cheese or chicken pita either. just got the book today…sweet. i wonder how broke-ass stuart would feel about some broke-ass re-gifting his book. seems like a good broke-ass move to me.

  • @Wined & Dined:

    I thought I was the pioneer of the greek salad plus chicken from this guy! Funny to see we’ve been enjoying the same go-to lunch, on the same block, no less. I feel like that deserves at least a paperback copy of the book…

    More importantly, I like to go w/ heavy white sauce on the salad to negate any semblance of the salad’s dry/healthy mouthfeel. Mmm, mysterious white sauce.

    This guy also has homemade lentil soup a few times a week…definitely worth trying.

  • @Dylan:

    Didn’t mean to steal your thunder on this one man. We’ve probably been in line at the same time here. Definitely agree with the white sauce call. I also have them throw this new hot sauce they have on top of the chicken and gives it a great kick — not the liquidy, tabasco-esque hot sauce, but you have to ask for the thick hot sauce (more maroon, deep red like siracha). Best cart hot sauce i’ve had in a while. I also ask for the spicy chicken as opposed to the plain grilled chicken.

    I’m re-gifting the book to you my man. I read it last night. We can meet up at the cart and do the hand-off.

  • Zach– good call with the pita. their pitas are great and i didn’t think to get one to go with the salad. you can make your own little chicken, feta pita and with some hot and white sauce, this thing is starting to get out of the boring salad category.

    here’s a little post i did on this salad a while back (not sure if it’s kosher to put a link here, so feel free to take this comment down):

  • How is this salad any different from a chicken kebab sandwich? Just because it is deconstructed?

  • Definitely different. For one thing, the chicken’s different. Grilled fresh (or very recently grilled and then heated). Actually have a real grill on the side built into the car, not just flat-top. Also, not just a bunch of meat that’s piled high on one side that’s been sitting around a while. Whereas kebab sandwich would have choice of grilled vegetables (onions, green peppers, etc)…here you get choice of typical salad items like cucumbers, olives, green peppers, tomatoes, etc. Also choose between romaine lettuce or mixed greens, which is nice. Don’t let the fact that we throw white sauce and hot sauce on there confuse you…this is a salad.

  • Hilarious, just stopped by for my greek salad and the line was 10 deep. Everyone orderin’ greek salads with chicken. Spoke to my man there runnin the show and he said it has been crazy busy the last couple of days.

  • Has anyone seen this cart recently? It hasn’t been in the 55th between park+madison area the past few days.

  • spoke to the guys last week…they’re taking this week off and will be back next week.

  • great. thanks.

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    For 6 bux this is prob the best greek chicken salad i’ve had. Chicken was freshly grilled. and the veggies are delish. We need more carts like this one!

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    Let’s set the record straight. This ain’t a Greek salad.
    It’s greens with tiziki sauce. They weren’t kalamata olives heck they weren’t even greek olives!
    I’m not expecting the world from a salad cart but lets call it as it is people. The grape leaves were also inedible. The chicken is lukewarm and on top of that everything is now $6.

    I’d rather go to (shriek) chop’t!

  • Three years later, I can vouch it’s still a very good Greek salad for a great price. Having both the white and hot sauces on it makes it special. Thanks for the tip!

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