Bossman Reports: Fried Chicken Cart


Got another great tip from the commenter who goes by the name of “Bossman”:

You want to talk about crazy ass shit? There’s always been this Halal cart on 55th and Mad (Southwest corner) that had a fryer setup. Convenient when the urge strikes for fries along with your street meat. Aside from that there’s nothing that stands out about the place. I used to frequest it because they’ll throw your gyro on a hero and I always found that held up better than pita. The guys are real nice and if I found myself getting lunch at 2:45 (like today) I’ll hit it up.

So today I see a sign saying Fried Chicken w/ fries (4 Pieces) $6.00. It’s all your fault Zach- prior to reading ML I would’ve ran for the hills, nowadays it just raises a bunch of questions:

Fried chicken truck, yes. But cart? Has Zach done that? How could they? Pre-cooked and just warmed through?

…and finally “how could I not?”

Anyway, what I got was 2 tenders, a wing, a drumette, and a thigh and fries all freshly fried (obviously they’re better at dishing the food than counting it). Of course, it’s not your Grandma’s chicken but it was pretty damn good for what it was (especially as a conduit for hot sauce). What will they think of next?

The photo he sent in, after the jump… 

Fried Chicken Cart

Yummy! I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you sir.  Fried chicken from a cart!  How could I not we all not. Got a lunch you want to share?  Feel free to email it to


  • I’d buy that for six dollars

  • Wow, they really can’t count… hahahahaha NICE! Now THAT’S a lunch worthy of $6 :)

  • Bossman you rock. From now on I’m calling you El Jefe

  • Actually, many a halal cart uses their deep fryer for falafels.

    But looks good. Thanks for the heads up on the schicken.

  • I love that particular cart’s falafel. Sometimes when I feel like jazzing up a salad, I will just get falafel balls covered in hot sauce, and they are only $1.25. Although, giving that order audibly always gets snickery stares from the (mostly) men in line.

  • This cart was too far for me but I got the Fried Chicken and Fries from Home Town Deli for $5.75. I love that place, thanks ML.

  • i feel bad for all teh vegetarians who order falafals….they probably dont know their balls r being dipped in the same oil as chicken….

    oh well!

  • I feel bad for people who don’t know how to capitalize or write out full words.

  • Samwich,All veggies should have their balls dipped in hot oil.

  • The guy selling eggrolls outside of the horrible chinese chain on 7th avenue and 34th ,has fried chicken now as well. Looks appetizing and was cheap. I havent tried it yet.

  • @ Rudy

  • @ Rudy

    Particularly the femmevegs….. if nothing else there’s a solution to the whole pasty issue.

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